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How has Kincoppal-Rose Bay grown and evolved over time to reflect a changing society?

Here are aspects in which Kincoppal has grown and developed along with the changing society and environment around it.


Summer Junior Uniform - Senior Uniform - Winter Uniform

Uniforms are a very significant part of a schooling community, as it helps identify a specific school from the clothes they are wearing. It also helps us represent our school to the public (eg. when on public transport the public will notice the well behaved girls in the bright blue dresses). Kincoppal uniform has changed and developed, from very conservative dresses with full coverage to comfortable and breathable dresses that we wear now. The uniforms changed to become more versatile and functional. Sports uniforms with shorts and a t-shirt were not available for girls in the beginning of the school because it wasn't practical to have a dress while trying to play sport. Kincoppal has now got a new uniform that is more practical and versatile for our day to day lives.

Uniform in the 1960's

Religion and Culture

Kincoppal has always been a very religious school, being a school of the Sacred Heart, there has always been a push for Christianity, playing out all the important values and goals of a Catholic/Sacred Heart School. As Kincoppal was growing and developing we had to become more accepting to different religions and cultures. As more and more immigrants were coming into Australia (Sydney especially) the school was getting students from all over the world. Christianity is still taught all across the school however all other religions are accepted and embraced. As Mrs J-C says: "You come as you are and you're treated with great love" this is more than a quote as we have such a multi-cultural and diverse community. International students make up a significant part of our peers that offer an insight into another culture. The international exchanges that Kincoppal organises have become a big part of Kincoppal tradition. Sacred Heart schools all around the world know that wherever there students are they can/will be accepted.

School Mass (1980)

Courses/ Teachings

To accommodate for the changing society where women are being encouraged to work in things such as science, technology, engineering and maths the school began to push the girls towards a career in STEM. Stem is also about encouragi


The technology in the school has improved over the years. Computers were introduced to krb so that we can have a better education. Technology is used in all year groups around the school, high school students particularly. Everything has advanced over the years including the technology. Teachers used to educate with blackboards and now in the modern days they use white boards which they can link to laptops and ipads to project onto the screen. Almost everyday I am required to use my laptop at one point or another, it has become a big part of how I learn.

Buildings and Structures

Through the years Kincoppal-Rose Bay has undertaken many new reconstructions.The school has massively grown in attendance and required more classrooms and facilities to support the growing population.

massive one being the Maureen Tudehope Centre (MTC) which was a major and recent construction/addition to the school. The MTC has a 25 metre indoor and heated pool, a gym, dance room, and a large basketball court, doubling as a function hall where many masses and school assemblies are held. KRB has also added many tennis courts to reflect the more modern society love of sport.

Kincoppals State of the art 25 metre indoor swimming pool.

Since the beginning of Kincoppal not only the MTC has been opened but also the Junior school, Barat Burn, a place for younger children to learn in a separate environment. Boys are also able to come to KRB for their junior education but must go somewhere else for high school. Barat Burn was opened and was originally more modern than the high school as it was opened later, even now the junior school is undergoing more renovations to make the junior school bigger and more convenient.

1990 Barat Burn/2016 Barat Burn
Chapel through the years

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