Week 2 Venice

Weekly Progress Blog #2

This week we organized our research and gathered more information on our topics and found more sources to put on source check number 2. We decided on what we are going to do for our creative piece. We decided on making a 3-D version of Venice and putting famous buildings around it. We're all going out to get stuff to do it. Grace is getting the clay, Josh is printing out a picture of Venice, Bobby is getting the paint, and Melissa is getting the styrofoam. The styrofoam will be the base. We have been looking at maps to help us make our creative piece as accurate as possible. Today we are setting up to make our final draft of our blog, we all have good resource that will help us get a good grade! We did some research on our little buildings for the creative piece and decided we are going to do about 4 different famous buildings made during the Renaissance as well as labeling the geography of Venice such as rivers. We are hoping that we will start the creative piece as soon as Monday by getting all of the materials over the weekend. We got a lot accomplished this week.

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