WW1 By Jennifer anD ArmonnI

Causes of WW1

Causes of WW1- The assassination of Archduke Franz F. by a member of black hand (terrorist)

Nationalism- the Bosnians and Serbians.

Militarism- Britain had strong military navy.

Imperialism- Many countries wanted to acquire land and colonies. Britain had the largest empire.

Alliances- France joined Britain and Russia in 1914. Germany joined with Austris.

Causes for US Entry into War

Causes for US Entry into war. "Violations" And sinking of the Lusitania (loud passengers killed).

Unrestricted submarine warfare

Zimmerman Telegram (Mexico would declare war on the US for lost territory if US declared war on Germany)

Profile of an American Soldier (dough boys)

mobilenytimes.com (Safan) "Infantry men in the American Expeditionary force. Solders who wore white belts and cleaned them with pipe clay or dough

Battle Summary

Battle of the Somme: Battle of the first WW1 fought by armies of the British and French empires against the German empires.

The soldier in this battle: Cyril Jose ( No Mans land) he was shot through the left arm and chest. He had laid wounded for 24 hours.

Jose was only 16 years old. He was in fear of his life knowing any movement would end his life by the Germans

Home front Experiences

Women- many were recruited to fill the jobs of men who were at war. More jobs was a war effort.

WW1- (transformative time)

African Americans- (military contributions)

Asian Americans- took over the small/ overlooked jobs

Latin Americans- second class citizen treatment, ended up being a ton of Latin Americans in Minnesota

Outcomes of WW1

The Allied troops created a peace treaty with Germany

The treaty of Versailles was an outcome of WW1

Large numbers killed


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