Further Exploration of Immigration and Refugee's Samantha Feller

After focusing on the question of whether or not Americans should admit more Syrian refugees, I choose to focus on the bigger question as my argument about if Americans should continue to admit more immigrants and refugees of different cultures as well into our country. Although the U.S. has many other issues that may be considered more important to handle first such as poverty, I feel that it is important not to ignore the admission of immigrants and refugees.

The Audience I plan to target are obviously immigrants and refugees along with individuals like my mom and her close friend who support a cause that I will later introduce. I believe that America should admit more refugees due to the fact that my mom and aunt are involved in RefugeeOne which is the largest immigration organization in Chicago. They have welcomed more than 16,000 refugees from every major world crisis. RefugeeOne has helped these individuals become self reliant in as few as 6 to 9 months where from the moment they land they begin learning English, find jobs and along with other things the organization also helps them recover from trauma. My mom’s best friend who I look at as an aunt, her family came from Burma and this organization helped her family get settled. Every family and group of individuals deserves to live a life without fear. Although this may not be true in all cases, there are cons that play into this action.

The last piece to this controversial analysis research was to analyze the question asked previously in the introduction of choosing to focus on bigger questions of if Americans should continue to admit immigrants and refugees of different cultures as well. I personally feel that this side can be very political. After learning about the cause that my mom and aunt are apart of with immigrants and how beneficial the outcome can be for both those in charge of the foundation and those being helped. This cause along with the U.S. has helped my aunt’s family to safety and make a happy healthy home for their kids. On one hand, the U.S. looks at its immigrant heritage as a celebration by getting the chance to share and indulge the stories about their rebirth into this country.

My plan in how I attempt to appeal to this audience with the given argument will be through a mixture of ethos and pathos. I plan to talk about my personal connection to the topic which also plays into the bias aspect that I plan to address. Based off the particular characteristics of letting refugees into the U.S. their expectations to this argument could give the audience a positive outlook on what we as a country can do.


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