Home Improvement Contractor By: maddy allen

Have you ever drove down a street and saw an abandoned house? Does it look creepy, dark and have all kinds of weeds growing and you realize how much better the neighborhood would look if this house weren't so unkempt? Well this is my job and here's a page all about it.

Houses under construction
Home Improvement Selling Chart

Home improvement contractors not only flip homes, but they make on average about $52 an hour while doing. Leaving them with a salary of about $107,211 yearly.

The technology involved in home improvement is very complex. It could go anywhere from using cellphones to communicate with each other, using the radio while working, the tools used to get the job done, etc.

Flathead Pliers & Chiseled hammer

To sum this job up, you are remodeling houses within a certain amount of time, and under a certain budget in order to make a profit. Contractors don't do really any heavy lifting of their own, but they do have a say in remodeling the house. (http://work.chron.com/typical-building-contractor-job-description-19911.html)

To back to the topic of technology, there are many advances being made to make this job a little more simple. A student named Nof Nathansohn made an application make it easier to design rooms within a home. This app walks through each step of design with the customer. This is would be very beneficial for a Home Improvement Contractor because instead of blueprinting or just flat out drawing out what you'd like, you can easily bring your imagination to life.

sources: https://www.salaryexpert.com/salary/job/home-improvement-contractor/united-states/texas/dallas, http://inhabitat.com/student-invents-computer-program-to-help-bedouin-villages-build-better-homes/, chart provided is from HomeGain.


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