Christopher Boone I can't lie, and you'll never know why

I have a pet rat. His nae is Toby. I can tell you that my two least favorite colors are yellow and brown. Some kids think that that is funny but Siobhan said that's OK. I also hate it when people touch me because no matter what I view it as a threat. A small fact about me is that I know very prime number up to 7057. Any imperfection I notice. Sometimes this is very useful but when I go to new places it makes me very nervous. I know that if someone loves you then they will never lie to you.

The letters. The letters confused me, they they taught me something i have never known. Not some formula or what animal went extinct last week but something new. I learned that a part of my life that I clinged on so strongly just shattered like glass. Father has lied to me. I have always believed in logic and numbers and everything of that sort. And the one person that was closest to me betrayed me? Destroyed me? No. No no no no. I tried to calm down, deep breaths just like Siobhan taught me. I hear the car. Father starts looking for me and finds me in his room. In on the bed with the letters in my trembling hands. He tries to explain but my ears are underwater. All of the noise is muffled until I hear' " I killed Wellington, Christopher."


Created with images by GollyGforce - Living My Worst Nightmare - "Fish Fandango"

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