MCOM-2400 By: Jon McCroskey

Through out the semester, we maintained an active Blog site through the program Wordpress. I featured my blog on graphic novels, superheroes, and everything comic related. The main focus was on reader reviews of some of my favorite and not so favorite graphic novels.

The next project was creating our very own podcast utilizing the program Audacity to fine tune and edit our recordings. I chose to do my podcast on reviewing popular superhero movies.

For the next project we honed our skills with a camera and editing taking snap shots and producing it through photostory software. Me and my partner Katie chose a nice sunny day at the ETSU baseball stadium as the Bucs took on Oakland.

In honor of the ETSU film festival, we crafted a newsletter. This was a great opportunity to use Indesign while also promoting an event on campus.

Finally we filmed a two episode mini series. For this project we learned how to optimize the software Adobe Premier. Our episodes are quick and fun "how to" cooking videos for simple meals starring the lovely actress Ms. Katie Day.

Multimedia Production was a highly project oriented class which helped realize my potential for a variety of new and different softwares. Utilizing Wordpress to make my blog proved to require surprising creativity, while also finding uniform element for the content that I posted in hope the reader would recognize the congruency of content. Finding a balance of new and exciting content while also keeping the identity of a site's material can be crucial. Taking an event like baseball (which I do not favor as the most enjoyable sport) and spicing it up with our photo story was a true challenge. However, the challenge enhanced my photo taking abilities as I found my partner and I getting our hands dirty as we sought new and interesting angles for the shoot. I also really valued the podcast asssignment as I overcame a weakness of sounding "scripted" when being recorded. After a few takes I stated to "act natural" and feel more in my element. All of these projects touched on many familiar and useful aspects to the advertising industry, while also refreshing or introducing me to plenty of new concepts that will enhance my skill set as an advertiser. I hope to use this knowledge and further my skills in many of these fields so that I can optimize my abilities for the future.

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