Welcome to Teach Box Fun, rigorous, innovative curriculum for English Language Arts teachers

Wouldn't it be great...

if English teachers could have their own subscription box? A monthly surprise of English teacher goodies? I mean, I love my Birch Box and my groceries from Blue Apron, but I can't really use that in my classroom...

So, we built it.

Teach Box is here for English teachers, grades 5-8 and 9-12, to enjoy every month!

Teach Box delivers a surprise digital mini-unit to your inbox every month. It's a password protected website that you have access to for a lifetime!

Every Box is centered around an essential question.

Check out these two sample boxes from October and November!

Every month is a surprise...

..but teachers can expect to see lessons covering Common Core standards and a range of lessons including:

  • Short fiction
  • Poetry
  • Creative writing
  • Vocabulary strategies
  • Grammar
  • Argument writing
  • Cooperative grouping
  • Project based learning
  • Literary analysis
  • Speaking and presenting
  • ...and so much more!

Teach Box will help you build an inspiring, creative classroom.

Our lessons are designed for innovative teachers.

We give you full editing rights, so take our box then make it yours. We bring the essential question, the lesson overview, the handouts and the resources. YOU bring the personal touch and personalized integration into your classroom.

"I was impressed with the variety of lessons that I could immediately use in my classroom. The students enjoyed the lessons as well and I so happy to have something like this available to English teachers"

Tara K. - English IV Honors Teacher, USA

Take a peek inside our beta-tested October Teach Box!

I really thought it was well designed around the essential question. Really though the key was that essential question. It gave the box focus and could be adapted in many ways depending on what curriculum use you. For example, I teach at an IB World School and we don't have essential questions, but we have statements of inquiry- totally easy to adapt!

Jennifer J. - Middle and High School Teacher, Czech Republic

Are you ready to try your first box free? It's on us!



Every lesson and resource delivered to you in your Teach Box is ready for you to either print, edit, and/or assign on Google Classroom. There's no hassle for teachers that want to use the resources as-is and plenty of room to adapt and adjust for teachers that want a more personalized experience.


Once you're part of Teach Box, you're building an arsenal of lifetime tools. No matter how long you're subscribed with us, you never lose access to a box that you've received. Never. Boxes remain live and part of your teaching practice forever.


Once you're part of Teach Box, you are welcome to join our exclusive, closed Facebook Group. Here, you will meet and discuss lessons and implementation ideas with other gifted educators like yourself.

Check out our Facebook page for sneak peeks!

Once you've subscribed, we'll get you over into the group!

What are you waiting for?


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