How can we find out witch pebble,stone or rock is the ,harest? By mIya,daisy,miley and ruby

What we need: pebbles,a metal bar,safety supplies,an auldut arond and a safe area to make sure you are a safe distens away from were you are hitting the pebble.

First you will need pebbles

Next we make sure that we have all the supplies we need. We need tools and saftey glufs so we are safe.

Supplies we will need gloves, goggles and a safe eara

Then we start hitting the rock on the bars

Scrach a pebble , rock or stones agenst a metal bars

Afterthat we all get at lest 2 or 3 pebbles each and hit the pebbles on the meatl bar and we make sure there is a aultd around so we are safe and we wont heart us

Then check the rocks/pebbles and see wich is scratched the most

Finaly you can see wich is the hardest rock.

Now you know wich is the hardests


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