A Tale of Two Conventions BY: michael cali

By the summer of 2016, the presidential election had been dragging on for almost a year. The prospective nominees of both major parties -Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton - were the least popular in recent history which gave rise to serious opposition among Republicans and Democrats. Political tensions were high and the stage was set for a clash. With that in mind, I set off into the warm July night for Cleveland.

While the streets of Cleveland did not descend into anarchy, there was no lack of tens moments from flag burners to unionists clashing with Info Wars' Alex Jones.

Members of the group Bikers for Trump lead the crowd in "USA!" Chants to drown out the Revolutionary Communist Party.

A member or the Revolutionary Communist Party is arrested for attempting to burn an American Flag in front of the RNC.

The first arrest of the 2016 RNC.

Expecting mass unrest, the number of photographers and reporters almost outnumbered demonstrators.

From the frying pan in to the fire I went as I left Cleveland and headed for Philly. The RNC had been tense but realitively uneventful. On the Democratic side, there was a deep divide between the supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sec. Hillary Clinton that left the possibility of a contested convention still loomed.

A young demonstrator sleeps on the lawn outside Independence Hall after the Climate March.

Supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders call for a him to receive the nomination as delegates arrive at the DNC.

A group of Black Lives Matter protesters surrounded police cars during a march outside the DNC.

Despite rain, police for a barrier between protesters and the perimeter fence after it was breached the night before.

An anatchist burns and American flag outside the Wells Fargo arena.

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