Urban Life Brian Gallagher

The government had failed to protect our cities during the Progressive Era because poverty, bad living conditions, and crowding were higher than ever.

Crowding in the city caused rent to go up and forced families to work all day in order to pay their rent, this would sometimes lead to homelessness.

Many families who suffered from poverty would have to live in tenements like these, with no water, little sunlight, and they would have to share a bathroom with many other people.

Since crowds of people would be grouped together diseases would be able to spread like wildfire.

The average weekly rent during the Progressive era was about $13-$14

The average rent was about $15-$17 depending on where you live.

Jacob Riis was a photographer that exposed these problems to the pubic and made many people concerned about these problems.

Overall, the problems in the Progressive Era were not solved and some of them are even still around today.

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