Post-Test Analysis

To prepare for the next test in MATH-1040, I have decided to adopt a few of the following techniques:

- Consistently study the material for a small period of time throughout the weeks leading up to the week of the test.

- Set a day and time to go over all of the material that will be on the test, especially material learned the weeks before.

- Start going to the PAL sessions that are offered on Mondays.

- Put the “5-day Plan” in action the week of the test.

Using these techniques has certainly helped me with prepare for the upcoming exam in MATH-1040. By keeping up with the information learned in class on a daily to weekly basis, I was able to retain information better and answer questions that, normally, I would feel were impossible for me to answer. PAL sessions helped to ‘re-learn’ material that I may have found confusing in class. Setting time out of the day to study created some organization in my life and even relieved the stress of having to cram information in at the last second.


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