Welcome to MOVE! Stay Home, Stay Fit

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MOVE! Stay Home, Stay Fit is an interactive program that helps kids stay active and fit from home, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.


MOVE! was created as all good ideas do; from a crisis. In March of 2020, a worldwide pandemic brought all physical activity and contact to a halt, including our founder's dreams. Jewel F. has been playing soccer since she was 5 and was looking forward to a summer filled of traveling and playing soccer. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, but it didn't stop Jewel from dreaming. Instead, she decided to train at home and quickly realized that others like her were going through the same thing she was. Insert MOVE!, with the mission to help other kids stay fit and ready for the next opportunity.

Our Services:

30 min virtual fitness sessions via Zoom for a interactive group workout

20 min pre-recorded workout to follow along at your own pace

*NEW* MOVE! Bible Study (to stay motivated and uplifted during hard times)

Email us at move.shsf@gmail.com for upcoming events and to book your reservation!!!


All photos belong to Jewel Foreman