Artificial intelligence Juan joray

" Juan Joray"

1. I always thought artificial intelligence was exquisite and and saw it only as beneficial but didn't know it had some cons.

2. This project made me realize that artificial intelligence even though very beneficial , it's something that you need to be careful with because of the potential of it evolving and controlling itself .

Why are robots treaTed Equally with humans ? Since these robots are very intelligent they can remind Us of humans which can sometimes play with our heads to make us tREat them equal

If I had an assistant robot I would most definitely get one that can fix my room for me . Fixing your room is something that if you avoid you're not missing out on anything because there won't be any benefits gained from it. My machine will employ the ability to make my bed , fold and put away my clothes once it detects there is no one in the room

Intelligent machines and humans working together
Android bill of rights/ restrictions -artificial intelligence can only be used from sunrise to sunsEt -Must have accessible shut off button- must have a supervisor at all times - limit of one android peR Human

Top 10 reason of why I'm with artificial intelligence machines

  1. Chances of error are eliminated (precision )
  2. They don't require resting time
  3. Can be made to do dangerous tasks
  4. Lack of emotions can make a robot make the right decision and not be bias
  5. Can be sent to places where humans aren't able to live
  6. Can endure hostile environment
  7. Can be replaced
  8. Make daily life a lot easier
  9. Can perform at a faster rate than humans
  10. Are 100% under human control and will obey regardless

I hope that we are smart with our decisions and that we are responsible with the robots we make and what we program them to do.

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