Urban Patch Kigali Kigali, rwanda

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Urban Patch Kigali is a social enterprise that will develop new housing, improve the community and public spaces, and provide low-cost local construction materials and urban development strategies. Building on Urban Patch’s work in the United States, our project will work at a small or incremental scale to provide housing development to community improvement. Income generated from housing will be used to develop new projects and fund the improvement and maintenance of public spaces in the community. Through our development model, economic value is generated through the improved value of real estate and revenues that can be used to sustain and grow the enterprise. Also, value will be generated through local materials, employment, and services that recirculate in the local economy. Social and environmental value are created through the responsible development of constructed and public spaces in the community, and through the use of sustainable locally-produced construction materials.

CATEGORY: Professional SETTING: Urban STATUS: Current project

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COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: As a part of the project we consulted with the City of Kigali, the Ministry of Infrastructure, and several stakeholders and local residents focused on affordable housing development, urban design, and community sustainability and change in the city. We also worked with a local organization, The Playground Hub, to identify opportunities for additional public benefit beyond our housing development, and a percentage of our budget was allocated for the development of a public playground area in the district where the project is located.

PARTNERS: Project Architect and Construction Management: Derrick Rwitare, Great Creations GR8C; Project Technical Assistance: Skat Consulting with support from the Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation; City of Kigali Partners: City of Kigali Urban Planning and Construction One Stop Centre, Kigali Master Plan 2050; Community Partner: Julian Ingabire, The Playground Hub; Project Research: Arnie Mok, Oheema Ofori-Atta, Dilys Teoh, Acacia Cai, Haben Berhe, Columbia University SUMA NetImpact.