USB type A

What is a USB type A?

A USB type A is the main type of USB used in the world. It is shaped as a simple rectangle. They come in all shapes and sizes and are used to connect various devices.

A USB type A male port

What is a Type A USB used for?

USB type A's are regularly used to connect devices such as computer mice, keyboards, printers, and the most significant use, the USB drive. USB drives are portable storage drives that come in a range of shapes, sizes and capacities.

A USB male port (left) and female USB ports (right)

What are devices that use USB type A ports?

The USB type A port supports a plethora of devices. It supports computer mice, keyboards, printers, speakers, microphones, phone chargers, USB drives, and USB port hubs, a device that takes up a USB port to give the user more USB ports.

A USB hub that allows 4 USB type A ports

What is a USB drive?

A USB drive is a portable storage bus. It allows users to transfer computer files and move them to another computer. It uses the USB type A port to dock and connect to the computer.

A simple USB drive


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