Mars Mission ROberto Hernandez 12/9/16


I will be launching this ext-ordinary mission in the year of 2022 at NASA'S launch site. What we are trying to achieve is to get human beings to live on a different planet. We are going to get 4 brave souls on Mars for the first time in human history. This mission will take an average of 162 days to reach mars with the necessary supplies. We have sent rover's to explore the depths of mars in order to make sure our astronauts will be safe from harm.

Crew Selection

Neil Armstrong is one trained professional, he has been on many space expedition. One of his famous missions was the Apollo 11 he was the first man to ever to set a foot on the moon. I think we all know his famous quote "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." He is the pilot he has had 1,000 hours of pilot training. Hes skills include in critical thinking, flying the space craft, and repair.

Edgar Mitchell, he is a ufologist. Hes job is to look out for any extraterrestrial life on the way to mars or on the planet. Hes skills also include in critical thinking, fast decisions making.

Last but not least in the rhesus monkey, Albert. Before sending humans to space and putting them in spacecrafts there was Albert. He was one the very first primates to go into space.

Ramon C. He is a professional on doing space walks. He has passed all the necessary physicals including the central fugal force. Hes skills are include in fast repair making, radio transmitter , and secondary pilot.


1.1 million pounds of fuel will be needed to travel from planet Earth to planet Mars. The design of the the spaceship is made to be made out of gorilla glass, the metal will be very thick so it can stay out of harm of flying meteors, and we also made the launch easy and smooth so when the the space travelers get to mars it won't be a hassle.

To stay out of conflict of any harm for the space travelers, we will have safety precautions for them before boarding the rocket. 1. their suites will be especially made by NASA. It'll have skin tight under body suites and on top of that the whole suite will be made out of heat protection also for their helmets it'll have a tinted shield so they don't get blinded during this process. To keep out of harm for the space debris or any harmful radiation they will again referring back to their suits they will be untouched by the air of space. Things the space travelers will need to take with them is a carry on bag of clothes, plenty of food and they will need portable everyday sources.(Shampoo and conditioner etc.)

Living Environments in Mars

There is a special dome that all space travelers that go to live in Mars. It's made out of a sealed 10 ft thick glass and has bedrooms for all of them. They will need to bring their own food that they brought onto the ship because there will be none in the dome home. Also in the dome is a special room for cameras that are set up all around the the dome to make sure if any meteors, intruders and any harmful thing will not touch them inside. They also have a special key to get into the dome as well. It's made out of a special type of metal made for just that key to just that dome in Mars.

They also have metal doors all around to have extra precaution. Water will be needed to used very carefully because they only have so little that they brought themselves and there is only a little that was left at the dome too. While being in the dome they do not need to wear their space suits because the air in the dome is clean just like on earth. The space travelers will be doing multiple tests and experiments on the "life" of Mars. They will be testing if the air from the outside is deadly or friendly, if there is any harmful things that could be living on this plant that we've never encountered before. The main experiment test they're really for is if this could be a place we could live if the world gets destroyed.

Geo Space Period 8.

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