Abraham Lincoln

What were Abraham's early years like and how did those experiences influence his achievements as an adult ?

Nancy hanks and Thomas Lincoln are the parents of Sarah and Abraham. Abraham was born on February 12, 1801. Abraham growing up didn't live in a fancy, home His family's "cabin had one room twenty feet long and eighteen feet wide." Later in the summer of 1818 Nancy (Abraham and Sarah's Mother) started to get sick after a week she died. Later Thomas( the father) got a new wife , her name was Sarah Bush Johnston. Since Abraham was little he joyed learning. He didn't go to school for most of his years but he read and studied hard. His child hood experiences have influenced his achievements as an adult one achievement is that he became the 16 president.

This person's main accomplishments?

This persons accomplishments would be helping and going into politics and government. Another one would be is that he became president and mad it so that slaves were free. Another one is he married Mary Todd and had four children Robert, Eddie, Willie, and Thomas.

Describe the goals of this person, was that person successful? why or why not what factors influenced this person's achievement?

Abraham's goal would be to save the union and stop slavery. He was successful "Abraham Lincoln edited his final Emancipation Proclamation. It declared that all slaves in rebellious states not already under the Union control were now free and could join the Union army. While it did not free slaves in border states like Maryland and Kentucky, it was the first step." (93) Then in 1865 the congress made the 13 amendment which allowed all slaves to be free. Factors that had influenced his achievement would be of how he thought it was not right.

How did this person influence the community, country, or World?

Abraham was a big influence to not only the community but the world. He first allowed slaves to be in the army and get paid. Later Abraham signed the 13 amendment and that allowed all slaves to be free. Even before he did this he was though by many as a good man.

Your opinion of this person's life and accomplishments?

I think he is a honorable person that was admired by many. He was usually always calm, growing up his father didn't support him when he wanted to have a good education. Even though he had a rough childhood. He became a man many people respected and achieved many great things. I think his best accomplishment would be stopping slavery with the 13 amendment.

Recommending this book yes or no?

I would recommend this biography because it was very interesting learning about his life like how he grew up and the challenges he faced and had overcame it. One example of this would be even though he didn't go to school and had studied on his own, he got to have a big influence on the world.



Brave, calm,tough,and commited

Father of four children and the husband to of Mary todd

Who loved learning and his wife and children.

Who felt depression, happiness, and angry

Who was scared to lose his family, not make a good president, and not bring the union together.

Who signed the 13 amendment that allowed slaves to be free.

He wanted to bring the union together and stop slavery.

Born near Elizabeth town.



Phillips, Ellen Blue. New York, NY, Sterling Publishing, 2007.

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