Merry Christmas from the murphys

Tis’ the season to be thankful is a true understatement when summing up the wild and crazy ride of 2016. Like many people when reading Christmas cards, I speed read and skip to the important parts. We all write about how wonderful, beautiful and highly intellectual our kids are and can do no wrong right? Wrong, I say. As with any family, we have the daily struggles of just getting the kids on the bus and hoping to God that they brushed their teeth and put deodorant on all the while not forgetting their lunch box. Or reminding your 16-year-old for the millionth time to drive the speed limit and leave space between cars. Hoping never to get the text that reads “what do I do when?… do you have the car insurance information?”

Summer vacation in Florida.

“Crazy” is the best word to describe 2016. The year started out great. We made our resolutions on New Year’s Eve and swore that this was the year we would stick to them. Right, like that happened. We had a little blip on the radar of life called a heart attack in February. This caused us all to hit the pause button and focus on what matters. Three simple things LIFE, LOVE, and FAMILY!

Before I get to the point where you begin speed reading and skipping to the end, please read this. During this holiday season, please enjoy every minute you have with your friends and family. Last year at this time we were busy with the hustle and bustle of life and never would have dreamt how fast things could change. I know we are all thinking about what is left on the Christmas list to check off but does it matter? What matters are not the material things we give and receive? It's the living, breathing wonderful family and friends that surround us.

Here comes the cheesy part of the Christmas card. Parker turned 16 this year and is a junior. Crazy, how Joe and I have not aged a bit. But how did Parker get so old? Although he’s in cross country, he’s not in it because he loves to run he’s in it for the food and friends. And he needs a job if anybody’s hiring.

Brenna is 11 years old and in 5th grade. She is the kid that will try every sport and drive us nuts because just when you think she’s found her calling she asks for another adventure… and of course, we say yes. She is on a climbing team, swims team and plays basketball.

Joe and I are just continuing to get old. We will celebrate our 20th anniversary this year.

On behalf of the Murphys have a blessed Christmas season!!

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