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About me.

My name is Efrain. I am fourteen years old, born in June 24th, 2002. I grew up in Mexico, which is where I was born, until 2015, when we decided to move here to Indiana with a part of the family who lives nearby. My childhood was delightful, filled with support from loved ones, receiving and giving affection. My main language was Spanish, and is still my main language since it is spoken between family members, and we'd like to keep the pride of not paying attention on where we live, to never forget our roots. Where we truly are from.

We moved here to Indiana for certain safety issues, and since my father came here before us to fix certain topics with some people, he got a job, and promised that he would bring us here some day. It was in 2010, I was seven years old when I had the illusion of going to another country to live there, and such. The years and the months in them went by, and never lost the hope of being here someday. But before coming here we had to get as far as possible in school, and get used to the English language. Which I never did. But a weird, strange fact is that many people I know ask me how I picked up the language so fast, I came to the United States speaking fluent english (with an odd accent, of course), and my family was surprised on how it happened. I did not even knew how, or since when it happened. I guess it is the power of the internet that let me understand the language and let me have the chance to be able to speak this language fluently. I never took any classes that could teach me the language better, I excelled in school from the rest of the students who had horrendous grades on the school's required classes. D's & F's. While I was on the middle of the school year, my seventh grade, our migration process was almost to an end.

The most important moment that we have been waiting for. Traveling to Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, where the general consulate of the United States of America is located, and we were called for our appointment to apply for the citizenships and visas to allow us the access to the USA. Everything went as expected, until the day we had to go to a clinic and get vaccinations, plus a Tuberculosis check, on which I reacted a bit oddly, not expected. I got an order to travel here with a temporary visa to a clinic in Fort Wayne for testing, and turned out it was nothing. It was just an allergic reaction to the vaccine. So, months after that we are able to come after I finished the school year, seventh grade. We moved to Indiana, with the initial thought of going to Houston, Texas, but we came here instead. Life here is very calmed with a great school department on which you can make the best out of it if one actually uses their time right.

Plans after high school.

I am planning on achieving a diploma on Business And Marketing, I am very interested on finances, accounting, and running your own business. Taking risks for a good outcome. Interesting, right? After graduating, I plan to go to San Diego, California. Where I will attend to San Diego Mesa College and achieve a bachelor's degree. After that, I would like to start my own company. A company that is dedicated to fashion designing, or a bakery based in San Diego. In the world of business one is clueless of what to do at first. Once the first steps are done while starting a business, the rest shall be a piece of cake.

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