Town of Angelica By: ALlison maroszek

Town hall is located at N3285 County Road C Pulaski, WI 54162
Angelica Town Hall

Town issue:

the issue I selected is the Town of Angelica is helping to pay for a new fire engine for Pulaski.

The Town of Angelica helped pay for a new fire engine in Pulaski. Angelica had to pay $99,546.00 of a $497,730.00 purchase. The town of Angelica is in the process of paying for it in 2 parts. The first payment of $30,703.00 is due in early April of 2017 and the second payment of $53,843.00 is due October of 2017. I agree will what they are doing because Angelica is apart of Pulaski, and along with other towns, was probably required to pay a little bit.

Place a culvert in the road to prevent the grooming equipment from breaking away the blacktop when crossing.

Damage that occurs with heavy equipment on roads.

Opening County Road C for ATVs and UTVs.

Bumps signs should be placed where there are big bumps.

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