Aiden's Journal Lord of the Flies

Characters: Piggy: a fat, whiny kid who wears glasses, has fair hair and has asthma, Jack: the leader of the hunters, Ralph: the leader of the group, Simon: a Christ like boy who symbolizes goodness, Samneric: keepers of the fire, and Roger: another hunter. There are also littl'uns but they aren't a major part of the story.

Setting: After WW2, 1960ish. Uncharted island.

Rules: #1. Stay together - Never leave without someone else and always tell them where you're going. #2. Don't go out at night - You might get lost or hurt and nobody knows were you are. #3. Share resources - Don't be greedy and keep things to yourself - Share with the others. #4. Keep everything clean - Stay sanitary so you don't get sick. #5. Don't argue - This only creates problems. #6. Do what your supposed to be doing - Don't get off task or you might forget about what you're doing. #7. Do not harm or kill each other - This also creates bigger problems.

Dangers: Falling, drowning, starving, exposure, or being caught in a massive fire. There aren't many other dangers except being eaten by a shark.

Five boys and a few other children are stranded on an uncharted island after WW2 and must find a way to signal help while trying to survive. The boys are from a charter school plane that has crash landed on the island and fell into the sea.

While they're stranded, the boys must try to find food, fresh water, and some sort of a shelter. They've started a fire on the top of the mountain that has overcome their control and engulfed the entire island in flames. One of the younger boys has been killed in the fire that they created. They are now starting to hunt pigs for meat and the littluns are living in a separate group on the other side of the island.

There has been a meeting and they have discussed the issue of a beast being on the island and a ghost. It has turned out that the suspected beast was only Simon going to the cave. Therefore there is no beast on the island. They have been to the castle in search of the beast and are now headed toward the mountain to look there.

The Beast: A furry animal with wings, claws, and large teeth. It is said to have followed Samneric down the mountain and scratched at them.

Theme: Survival is the main point of life and you will eventually learn to do things differently than you have been doing through trial and error such as what plants are edible and what water to drink without getting poisoned. The boys learned that they should not set the island on fire and waste all of their wood in one fire.

Symbolism: The "beast" is symbolizing the boys' fear of isolation on the island.

Foreshadowing: When the boys were at the castle, Ralph said that the castle was a rotten place. Something may happen there in the future.

Endless stretch of water; all around...

Rituals: Killing the pig ceremony. A kind of play used to simulate the hunters killing the pig or boar. Uses a sacrifice. Usually rituals are used to boost spirits or raise hopes for some sort of war, hunt, or religion and are also used for reenactments.

Wedding Example: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today... Do you take this man to be your loftily wedded husband? Do you take this woman to be your loftily wedded wife? You may now kiss the bride.

Effects of the Beast: The Beast has a hold on the whole island and is terrifying all of the boys to where they go across the island looking for it. They think that any twig that breaks in the night is the Beast lurking around the shelters looking for a boy or two to eat.

What Happened to Simon: Simon has just been involved in a tribal ritual and was killed by everyone. Before that he went up to the mountain to see the beast and has untangled it's parachute lines so it isn't stuck on top of the mountain. Simon made his way down the mountain into the jungle and emerged in the ritual ring and the other boys were so caught up in their play that they jabbed at Simon as if he was a pig and then he fell to the beach and was washed away.

Groups: Groups fill the need to be around people and let you have some similarities with those people you are interacting with. Depending on what your group does, than usually everyone likes what they're doing. Groups can also get involved in very bad things and some people won't even notice.

Castle Rock: I think that it's better to have rules and agree than to hunt and kill because where does that get you? People should get along and be able to keep sanity on the island. They must be rescued so they can return to their original lives. Hunting and killing doesn't get you anywhere.

"You'll get back to where you came from"(Golding, 111).

The Final Picture: The story took a big turn towards the end with the hunt of Ralph and another fire. The reason I chose the quote was because Ralph and all of the other boys would get back at the end with the naval ship and also because Simon said that they would get back someday. Simon posed as a Christ like boy who told a prophecy of return.

The Final Letter: Honestly, I didn't like the novel because of all the killing and hunting down of other boys. I personally like reading books on my own but, I liked the way you read the novel. It gave it a quality that I could not give it myself. The novel did have a good plot about the boys getting stuck on an island and had to survive but I think things could have went a little bit smoother than they did. I encourage anyone who is reading this to enjoy the book, read it intently, and make it make sense.

Created By
Aiden Nelson


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