Goblins an UnderEarthAdventure By: Jonathan Gregory

Authors Bio

Royce Buckingham is a American fantasy writer with an English degree from Whitman college and a law degree from the university of Oregon. in 2006 he sold his very first novel, the middle school fantasy The DemonKeeper.

Theme, Genre, and settings.

The book is in present time. The genre is fantasy fiction.

Plot summary

Pj, and Sam "A Cops Son", and juvenile Steals Sam's dad's cop car, and take it into the woods to only find a weird looking creature called a goblin

Main Characters

PJ and Sam are the main characters they're both teenage boys. They are teenage boys looking for a good time. Very adventurist that leads to trouble.

They steal Sam's dad cop car, and they take it into the woods. To only find a weird creature called a golbin. And it takes every bit of their strength to find a way out.
Fortree- a town, or group of forts. Mercantile-relating to trade. Compartment- A car that someone more or less that lived in. Strode-a quantity or supply something kept for use as needed. Clanged- causing to make a loud noise.
Its an Adventist story for people who likes to explore new things. I would recommend it to teenagers because teens like to do fun type of adventures. Over all I would describe the books as Adventist, frightening,rambunctious.


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