June 2020 members newsletter


Contributions are always welcome, especially from our "governing body", spearheaded by Damien & Loraine Murphy so we are pleased to roll back the curtains and invite them to kick start the proceedings this month.

Dear Members,

The New Normal!

We are very lucky to be able to announce that Spain came out of the State of Alarm and reopened it’s borders on June 21st and the first members are now starting to make their way home to La Cala. As is only to be expected there are some changes that have to be taken into account:

Golf courses: Opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 19:00hrs and Saturday & Sunday from 08:00 to 19:00hrs. (last tee-time is at 14:00hrs). Golf Academy: From 09:00 to 17:00hrs (Tuesday to Sunday). Clubhouse Restaurant & Terrace: Opening hours have been extended and are now from 08:00 to 22:00hrs, with last dinner orders at 21:00hrs. (SPA) Hair Salon and Treatments: By appointment only (Tel: +34 952 669 010 / spa@lacala.com). N.B: Squash and tennis courts are also already available for hire, bookable through the Spa. Hotel: Special offers are available with direct booking via the lacala.com website.

Covid 19 Procedures for check in and play will remain in place for the foreseeable future. When returning to La Cala please follow and respect the signage and regulations which are in place for our health and safety.

Video link to check in procedures:

Please also familiarise yourself with the on-course guidelines:https://www.lacala.com/extras/measures-protocols/

All the above are also available to view on the La Cala website.

And so to the future: Unfortunately it is now confirmed that it is impossible to fit in ALL board and trophy events, stableford/medal/knockout and interclub matches this year and they are therefore cancelled. The result of this is that a number of members have asked the current Committee to continue for the rest of 2020 but to start their “year” as of 2021. The email notice for the SGM required for this to happen has hopefully explained this in more detail. (if you have not received an email please ask a member of the committee to forward a copy to you).

We are “back to normal” in terms of being able to sign up and play in club competitions on Tuesdays and at the weekends. All competitions for July and August are now live on the Members system. All members should also have received the invitation to the Blue Hawaiian Fiesta to be celebrated on August 16th (see notice in the main body of the newsletter).

Qualifying Competitions: Great news ! The RFEG has announced that we can restart official, qualifying competitions from 3rd July !! Given some of the recent scores posted some members need to be prepared for handicap cuts :)

World Handicap System: We are gradually adjusting to our new WHS handicaps which has seen most members get a shot or two back …how long they will hang on to those shots is another story.

New Slope Tables: The RFEG has issued new Slope tables which are displayed on the board by the caddy master office. Please note that the slope tables have 3 different handicap allocations depending on what format of competition you are playing… we hope to provide an overview of how this is going to work in practice in the next newsletter... (once we have had a chance to work with it in reality!). As well as the Slope Tables for informal, qualifying competitions and 4 balls there are tables for 9 hole play so please ensure you double check you are looking at the right table before playing.! Thank You.

The Committee would like to take a moment to express our appreciation to Jack Perry who has managed, together with super woman Dorothée Schmidt to ensure that the newsletter has gone out every month in spite of there being very little golfing or social news.! I am sure the members would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at La Cala who, in very difficult times, managed to keep the golf courses in great condition and ready to play as soon as we were allowed out of our homes to practice sports.! The club house staff and players assistants also deserve a big thank you for implementing and following strict protocols in difficult times knowing that the majority of their work colleagues have yet been able to return to work. We look forward to seeing you all here and enjoying golf at La Cala very soon.

Kind regards

Loraine & Damien - Peter & Kate

La Cala Golf Members Committee


There will be some who will have carefully read the four A4 pages of small text, setting out the new rules operative from June 8th. A few will have digested the contents diligently and sought to really understand what it is all about. Probably looked into the links as well. Others, and one suspects the majority, will wonder why such a simple game requires such legislature. We all need to know what our new handicap is but once that is known it should be business as normal? One hopes.



There might be a welcome wag of the tail towards the end of the month, and this edition, but meanwhile it looks a bit sparse as far as matters of interest go.

The re-opening event on the PGA tour was in Fort Worth, Texas, and won by Daniel Berger, a little known but well ranked Austrian player. Now known as Berger King.

When we bought into Los Altos in 2003 our top floor view included America’s 16th, the Signature Hole , distinguished by it’s lively fountain, and deserving of its place in the sales publicity of the time. It’s still a lovely hole from the tee but we do miss the fountain.

Professor Stephen Powis has been identified as the person responsible for making the word “So” a popular pre-requisite of any answer. He and his Hancock colleagues also plead guilty to the “In the coming days” and “Anytime soon” phrases.

The average driving distance on the PGA tour currently is 295 yards. Bryson DeChambeau’s average is 345. With a 5 ½ degree driver. This means a maximum use of two clubs onto the green on most courses. Figureheads in the game are already back on the trail of one ball for pro’s and an easier one for amateurs, that being a cheaper route than going for 10,000 yard courses, even if land available.

Having admitted to a weight gain of 4 kgs in the last issue it can now be made public that my weight loss is now one stone – AKA 6.36 kgs or 14 pounds – in less than three weeks. Sylphlike is not an appropriate adjective but it certainly feels better.

Geoff Thompson celebrated his 70th birthday earlier in the month and has been noticeably quiet ever since.

A rare event in Spain but 3 ladies waved through a group of male big hitters, thus explaining this photograph showing 7 buggies on the same hole.

Mike and Pearl Fisher chalked up their 56th wedding anniversary this month too. Congratulations to a very supportive couple on whom Lilian and myself have been able to rely for all our shopping since the lockdown began. Aided and abetted by Howard Piper, who is not a golfer, but is an old friend of the Fisher’s, and a kindly gentleman.

Mention of my wife reminds me to explain that her short range vision is not getting better. She cannot make out the details of my face when sitting across the dining table from me. A blessing some might say? The point is though that she needs to be really close to recognise people, even well known friends, so please excuse her, she is not intending to be rude by apparently not recognising you.

Facemasks are now obligatory but you don’t see too many as attractive as this? Not sure where it came from but thought male members might like it.

There was some misunderstanding recently about the word mulligan. Eventually it emerged that what was really meant was The Mulligan, which was the name of the club newsletter for a while, pre Scribbler.

Richard Wayne Pennington passed away recently. Who’s he, one can hear readers asking.


More interestingly we move on to people and the opportunity for a stroll down Memory Lane for our older members. Bit of a space filler to be truthful. Thanks to Dorothée Schmidt these pictures come in the form of a moving slide show, which can be halted at any stage by the viewer, and has a musical background. Be warned. There are a lot of photos, some of indifferent quality, and no captions. My thinking was that the Old Brigade would know most of those depicted in various stages of enjoyment, whilst more recent comers might be none the wiser if told it was Charlie Farnsbarns dancing with Kitty Winkle? Without any stops it might take 5/10 minutes so you might wish to pour another drink before embarking on this particular journey.


“Well, yesterday was our first weekend competition after lockdown which also meant we had our first prizegiving!

Vice Captain Peter Bradley was first to step up ...and he was finally able to carry out the prizegiving for the last competition Pre-Covid 19 which was the Medal of 10th March.

Winners were:


Mary Madigan’s 76 earned her the top spot but only just. Wendy Fretwell and Liisa Lindstrom each notched up 77. There is an honorable mention for Liisa Lindstrom who was just beaten into 3rd place on handicap by Wendy Fretwell.

Laura Thompson was also belatedly presented with her pre-lockdown Medal victory trophy.


A great score by Michael Krupa (69) saw his handicap cut by 0.9! Arthur O’Connor and Richard Hinds were both home in 73, in that order.

Unfortunately the ladies and Michael were unavailable but our intrepid photographer Dorothee Schmidt was able to catch both of our Men’s runner ups Arthur O’Connor and Richard Hinds and shoot them together... respecting social distancing of course.

Captain Damien Murphy then took to the floor to resume the June competitions prizegiving.

(Prior to that he was able to present vouchers to Gerry Rippenger and Simon Buddery from past competitions)


So on to the prizegiving for Tuesday 16th June and a full field (well, full with those that had been here during lockdown) took to America in their individual buggies to get back into the swing of things. As this was a non qualifying competition, due to the State of Alarm still in process and the Andalucian Golf Federation not accepting cards for processing, there were no handicap cuts so we are taking the scores as a great sign that golf is back as our favourite sport and that we might have a few handicap cuts to look forward to in the future. However with the introduction of the new Global Handicap System and the new slope ratings for each of the golf courses ...it is going to take a bit of getting used to ...particularly as one good round will no longer mean an automatic cut in handicap ...but that will be addressed in due course by our handicap Secretary David Wilson... !

The scores were:

Ladies: 1st Liisa Lindstrom 41. 2nd Arlene Bewley Doyle 33. Connie Maphar-Massar 31.

An honorable mention goes to Laura Thompson who was beaten into 3rd place on handicap by the irrepressible Connie Maphar-Massar

Connie and John Youngs getting their 3rd place rewards at a later date.

However it was Liisa Lindstrom, who appears to have maintained her composure and amassed a great 41 points ! Well done Liisa ... we shall be keeping you under observation !

For the first weekend back we added some extra prizes, but they had to be worked for: Nearest the Pin on hole 11 proved to be very interesting indeed ...

Winners were:

Ladies - Isabella Rippinger

Men - Nobody !!

Nearest the pin on hole 16 saw a great shot by Jill Davies look impossible to beat but Simon Buddery flew his ball in close enough to claim victory.

There were 3 longest drive prizes on hole 17 and the worthy winners were:

Blue: Richard Hinds - Yellow: Simon Buddery - Red: Gerda De Brouwere (who surpassed an amazing drive by Dorothée Schmidt)!

The day was special for Suzanne Valentin who celebrated her birthday by being given a small cake and being serenaded by the members.

Notices included confirmation that our first qualifying competition will take place on Tuesday 7th July and that our first Social Get Together will be on Sunday 16th August ... sign up now open on the members app.

Dorothée was kind enough to deputise as camera person. Thanks Dorothée. Her production line included one of Peter Edstrom, shyly clutching yet another voucher for an achievement not of the day.


Anna Marie Van Anderlecht and Dirk de Koninck have been married for 38 years and divide their time between their home in Belgium and here, in the Horizon community. They came to Spain in 2012 but didn’t start playing golf until 2018 when they settled in La Cala Resort. They were restaurant owners who took an early retirement so, not too surprisingly, they love good food and wine. They admit to no other interests, sporting or not. Whatever, we welcome them belatedly.


One is ever envious of those with a command of more than one language. Members like Pauline Moody and Thomas Widegren would lay claim to four or more. One wonders though, how they would get on with Derbyshire?

“Derbyshire is a county in the East Midlands of England. A substantial portion of the Peak District National Park lies within Derbyshire, containing the southern extremity of the Pennine range of hills which extend into the north of the county.”

L/r: Little central UK county and Peak District.

It is famous for its exports which include oatcakes and Derek Steele, a known exponent of “funny” words and pronunciations. Derek though, pales into insignificance when compared to his wife June with whom, as Scribbler, it is my pleasure to correspond from time to time. Through the two of them my knowledge of their local language has grown to the extent that this following message became almost understandable. What would Pauline or Thomas make of it?


The following invitation comes from the Captaincy and Committee.


Right first time – The French Revolution. What is less well known is that the house in which Thomas and Helena Widegren reside, in Gstad, came into being the same year and is currently being renovated, as some might remember from last month’s newsletter. Work continues, as the photograph shows, but is nearing completition. The Widegren’s can’t wait to see the back of the handimen, a feeling we in Los Altos currently share as the sound of cherrypickers’ engines and noisy painters fill the air day long.

Also close to a new look and life is the Austin Healey we featured last month. AH Blue and Olde English White are to be its final colours.

Saturday 20/6 on America was held a 4-ball competition entitled “Finally Weekend Madness” which turned out to be a fairly routine affair won, by the narrowest of margins, by Peter Penney, Derek Steele, Peter Robinson and Peter Edstrom. Three Peters? Score 101 points but only two available afterwards for picture taking and autograph signing.

There is a story about an impossible to miss putt which was and might well have changed the leaderboard. As it was (l/r) Damien & Loraine Murphy, Isabella & Gerry Rippinger 100 points left them a disappointed second.

A very experienced male quartet came third with 99 points and were all on parade to accept their vouchers. l/r are Louis Lentelink, Richard Hinds, Pat Reid, Arthur O’Connor.


The in word at the moment? Tuesday 23/6 saw a Stableford event on America embracing ten teams of four. It was not a qualifying competition so handicaps were not at risk.

Laura Thompson seems to be stuck in a 35 groove at the moment, as she was before we were locked down, but this time it was only her better handicap which denied Captain Loraine the first place position. Isabella Rippinger, another lady whose form doesn’t vary that much, was third with 33.

L/r: Isabella, Laura, Loraine.

David Evans, Cees Lagerwerf, and Derek Steele seldom need a reason for enjoying a beer but, respectively, their 40 38 and 38 scores gave them additional cause. Simon Buddery was another 38-er but had to settle for fourth position.

Cees “Shades” Lagerwerf, David Evans, Simon Buddery.

We don’t usually mention Cudeca2 winners because there are so many of them but today my colleague Dorothée Schmidt scooped the pool and went home 16 balls better off. Well done, team mate.


Thirty years is a long time for a club like Liverpool FC not to have won the Premier League, although there have been other major honours along the way, but no longer is this the case. On Thursday evening, 25/6, whilst not even playing themselves, the trophy became theirs. Doubtless David Gilchrist and Rob Garner will have been sipping a quiet glass of celebratory wine, or two, whilst thousands of devoted supporters gathered outside Anfield, heedless of social distancing, and somewhat more vociferously. Congratulations to a great team on two remarkable seasons.

The Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers, of which my membership reaches back to 1971 have a very lively and talented Young Stationers section who recently entered the world wide discussions about racism. They also listed some books which, they felt, would help those interested in the subject to get a better overall perspective. The list is as follows and hopefully of some interest.


Captain Loraine’s contributions are invariably worth the worry of waiting for them, and so it has proved – again! Having opened this month’s newsletter it seems appropriate to let her bring down the curtain now with her take on The Golden Ball competition played on Sunday 28/6 on Campo America. It is comprehensive but a welcome return of story and statistics.

"As we are still prohibited from holding Shotgun Starts at 09.30hrs at the weekends it could be said that the odds were already stacked in favour of the winning team as they were able to tee off at the much more civilised time of 10:40hrs which clearly suited them much better :) David Evans and Cees Lagerwerf (both Tuesday winners) are obviously playing very well at the moment...with Cees sinking a birdie putt on the 5th hole (with a shot) and the Golden Ball to double his score to a great 8 points ! They also had quite a few individual 6 pointers which made the win theirs for the taking.

The winners with a massive 160 points. Evans and the Lagerwerfs sin goggles.

Not to be outdone Sten Valentin had an 8 pointer on the 4th hole - a par with 2 shots and the Golden Ball !..with Suzanne Valentin and Jan Debrawer also bringing in 3 points each - the troublesome par 3 bringing them in 14 points - the highest score achieved on one hole !

2nd with 148 points l/r Jan Debrauwer, Sten and Susanne Valentin, Peter Edstrom

Pat Reid brought his team an 8 pointer on the 8th hole - a nice birdie on the par 3 with a shot and the Golden Ball.. and as he had signed up for the Cudeca 2s he also won himself 4 balls ..well done Pat.(again) !

In 3rd Place with 141 points l/r Pat Reid, The Bearded Wonder, Arthur O’Connor, ‘Armless' Louis Lentelink.

Derek Steel birdied the 18th hole with a shot..and the Golden Ball to claim his 8 points and with 2 pars from Simon Buddery and Peter Robinson his team also racked up 14 points..

Isabella Rippinger was not going to be outdone and had a great birdie on the 16th hole with a shot and the Golden Ball for her 8 pointer.!

The 18th hole also saw a birdie from Richard Hinds with a shot and the Golden Ball for his 8 points for his team with both Peter Bradley and Peter Penney bringing in pars for a team score of ...14 points.

Wendy Hinds was the contributor of 8 points for her team on the 8th hole with 2 shots and the Golden Ball and just missed out on her birdie and a claim on the highest number of points scored per hole.

To round up the teams both John & Vivienne Youngs had birdies - John on hole 8 for 4 points and Vivienne on hole 16 with a shot and the Golden Ball for her 8 points. both had signed up for the Cudeca 2s so also won themselves 4 balls each ..well done !

Geoff Thompson rounded off the 8 pointers with a birdie on the 17th...with a shot and the Golden Ball... his team were playing very well and could have easily been on parade in the winners circle...unfortunately a slight misreading of the rules - being "3 scores to count on all holes one of which MUST be the Golden Ball " saw them miss out on valuable points as they only marked down scores for 2 players on each hole...oops.!

The organiser baton will now be handed over from Captain Damien Murphy to Lady Vice Captain Kate Bradley as she takes up the reins for the first time this year! Good luck Kate !"

Shy or fearful last month our Captain can now be revealed in all his temporary (?) glory.


Another loss, and another singer whose popularity knew no bounds, was Vera Lynn who left us at the age of 103 having performed professionally for more than 80 years. She was born in East Ham, London and went to the same school as my late mother-in-law. She was not only the Forces’ Favourite but also the Public’s Favourite. Nor was she a one hit wonder, even though “We’ll meet again” will be her best remembered. It is said that she helped to win World War 2 and few would squabble with that claim. It has also become a popular “hymn” at non religious funerals when it takes on an extra level of sadness.