Philosophy Ashley kopp

January 19th

I'm excited to see what the course is about , something that makes me nervous is not going to be able to understand some things with it being an older level course but I'm looking forward to trying and learning something new.

January 19th

I think the phrase "the unexamined life is not worth living" means when you just stay in your comfort zone you don't go out and take risk. Life is all about going out and taking risk , make the most of the life you have.

January 20th

  1. Always keep your wonder- I always wonder what is out there and what is yet to come
  2. Don't jump to conclusions - don't believe everything you hear, people like to talk. Unless you know the whole truth and all the information then you can't jump to the conclusion
  3. Accept the truth- the truth is not always what we wanna hear, but it is good to know the truth. The truth will help us in the end
  4. Divide & conquer- break your big things into smaller things and work with that.. I've used this when the things I was dealing with were just a little too big to handle, take it step by step.
  5. Collect & construct - take everything that you know and think of how you want to handle it
  6. Conjecture & Refute - look at all things and have counter arguments... this is very helpful to use
  7. Revise & rebuild- it's okay to believe in different things and then change, you'll change everyday and make yourself better. Different beliefs is okay
  8. Seek simplicity- prefer the simple over the complicated
  9. Live the truth- make everything you do personal , but make sure it's always the truth
  10. Live the good- do the most in life, you only got this life.. make it good

January 26th

People became more individuals than what they were.

January 31st

I would have followed Buddha. I would choose Buddha because I feel I believe more in their beliefs than I did the other ones.

February 2nd

Socrates would define wisdom as knowing nothing. I can apply it because I know nothing

Unit 2

February 7th

A belief I have is that I am a Catholic, I would categorize this under sociological and religious. My parents have raised me in the catholic church and it's my religion. That is a belief I have

February 10th

A belief of mine that I have always question is is there truly a god? I attend church and am a catholic but it's a question that has always come up.

February 13th

A lot of people deal with doubt, and I agree with Descartes methods. A lot of people believe in things but also have a lot of doubt.

February 14th

People fall in love to feel wanted and needed by someone

February 22nd

I think Hume means that people become so custom to things that they know what will happen. People become custom to their daily lives that they become so custom that anything else seems out of place.

February 27th

I believe that Hume's work is a waste of time to study, it's easy to know what causes some things and how it's going to affect it. There is no need to go over and study what's going to cause and effect something

February 28th

My definition of knowledge is something you know and you've learned from experienced to have know that knowledge. You can't have knowledge of something when you don't have past experience of.

Unit 3

March 6th

I would say it's pretty important to understand deductive reasoning. Yes it will help you.

March 7th

I may be able to find the inaccuracies of an inductive or abductive argument. It would all truly depend on the situation

March 8th

I don't think I've ever used formal logic in any other classes

March 9th

The most common I feel I use is the "Begging the Question" fallacy.

Unit 4

March 21st

I disagree, no matter if you are being watched or not it's right to know right from wrong. You live how you believe but in my opinion you still must know right from wrong and for everyone that's different.

March 23rd

Going out with a boy you really like, but your best friend also likes them. Copying answers but getting a good grade

March 28th

I side more with the consequentialism. I like deciding the best decision but knowing what else could happen

April 24th

1. You know what's right from wrong and what makes you a good person, ethics should be based on what it means to be a good person. // 2. You yourself know what's right and what's obligatory , therefore ethics should be based on the concept of those things. // I think the best reasoning for ethical theory is the right and obligatory theory's

April 26th

Out of all my role models the most influential is my cousin Katie. I see her as such a good role model because she makes mistakes and those mistakes made her stronger and the person she is today. She's gotten her life to the place in which she wants it to be and it

May 8th

I believe to know what's morally right or wrong is your own personal life. Everyone has different beliefs and ethics, so it depends on the person themselves as to whether or not something is morally wrong or right.

Unit 5- Odds & Ends

May 12th

In regards to society and knowing whats just for it, I believe you need to stop and think about what will do the most for the common good... off of that you should be able to tell what is truly just

May 19th Question 1

I agree with the mind theory of identity the most. I think your expirences and your past help affect your personal identity

May 19th Question 2

I do not believe free will is necessary to deserve praise and blame for one's actions. You are the only person in control of what happens and the actions you decide to take, nobody else is responsible for that.

May 22nd

If my whole life was laid out in front of me, there would be many things I would change if I could. If I could go back I would change certain actions and the way I handled certain things, most importantly I would go back and make sure I spent more time and got to say everything to my grandma's before they passed. I regret too much from my past.

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