Water and Bandages Deandre, aubrey, savannah

Testable Question: How does the material of a bandage affect its ability to stick after getting wet?

Hypothesis: We think that the waterproof bandage will stay on the longest underwater.

Materials: Waterproof curad bandage, Sheer curad bandage, Plastic Curad bandage, Flex-Fabric curad bandage, water,

Procedure: 1. Put the first type of bandage on your finger. 2. Run it under the running water. 3. Repeat until done with all brands of bandages. 4. Find out if the bandage stayed on your finger under water or not. 5. Find out which brands or band-aids stick the best by putting it under water.

Experiment Data: Sheer: Stuck | Flex Fabric: Stuck Plastic: Stuck | Waterproof: Stuck

Variables: Bandage | Constant: Hand, person.

conclusion : Our conclusion was correct because we already knew that just leaving them in water for 10 minutes would still let them stick, so we were correct. We learned that we need to move them around to make them not stick anymore. we were also WANTING to use hot water if we were doing a different project.


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