Exploring the Harn A Good Life Tour

My Experience at the Harn Museum of Art


Medium of the Art

Louis Comfort Tiffany's Favrile glass vases caught my eye as an interesting medium of art. The glass was definitely not ordinary glass as one could see it sparkle across the room. These photos are unable to do the vases justice as they just shine so beautifully in person. With each step one takes around the display, the vases changes colors as the light plays around the glass. I was almost surprised to learn that the vases were not painted, but in fact the ravishing colors were that of the medium of art, the Favrile glass.

Design of the museum

David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing
Walking around...

My Favorite aspect of design in the museum was the Asian Collection wing. The deep wood paneled floors and large window drew me in. I was attracted to the connection the architects made between the inside and the outside. Standing inside, one is able to view both the Asian art displays as well as the outside water garden. The view of the water garden made the area very peaceful and serene. It was interesting how some of the lare pieces of art were simply laid on the ground rather than a display case

Art and core Values

I am Not a Persian Carpet #2 caught my eye while I was walking around the Contemporary Collection. I feel that this piece of art not only represents a woman resisting stereotypes, but also any one who wants to not be walked all over. As a women who wants to enter the business world I support the equality of women in the workforce. This photograph represents my values because I hope to work to break stereotypes. For some women this photograph can be very emotional, especially those who are oppressed in their country or faith. The design of the carpet in black ink intrigued me about this work of art as well.

Art and the good life

George Grosz' Oil Painting of Manhattan conveyed to me what I am seeking as I search for the good life. This painting of the city scape is a depiction of what I would like to achieve. In the future, I hope to work in New York City using my major of Finance in the Fashion/Retail industry. When I saw this piece of art, I was instantly excited. The painting spoke to me as something that represents what my good life is. It gave me the motivation to continue to work towards my goals so that I can one day get to where I want to be. Back when Grosz developed this piece of art many were seeking a life in New York City as a part of their American Dream. That dream is them searching for their own good life.

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