Just can't get an A? Here are 4 tips to studying well by: Faith Song

We all know that studying can be a pain. But, studying actually helps you get an A in your classes. Sometimes, we study but we don’t get the grade that we expected, so here are 4 tips to studying well for your next test. I study for 2 hours at least, but sometimes I don’t get the grade that I wanted. My uncle (he's a dentist) gave tips to my brother and I to ace a test. I’ve been using those tips, and now I get A’s more than i used to get B’s. Lets get started!

1. Always stay focused. In order to stay focused, you can’t listen to any type of music with words. If you listen to any song with words, it might be a distraction because you might want to sing along. If you can stay focused, you can always listen to instrumental music, such as classical. You also shouldn’t be eating or drink anything. You can eat or drink something before or after you study, but you shouldn’t be eating while studying. Eating or drinking something can be a distraction, especially when you're hungry or thirsty.

You can listen to music, but not music with words in them.

2. Make sure you’re learning the right information. I know this sounds kind of weird, but trust me, I've done this before. I thought that I knew how to do this problem, but in the end, my grade wouldn’t be the grade that I was hoping for. So if you completely want to make sure, ask your parents or your teacher. Your parents could know, and your teacher would obviously know because she taught you this.

Make sure to always ask questions if it is necessary.

3. Never be afraid to ask your teacher. I know this is kind of like tip #2, but this tip is actually important. When I was growing up, I was super duper shy, so I didn’t bother to ask my teacher anything. I got a B+ on a quiz in 5th grade, and I knew exactly why. So in 6th grade, I asked more questions to my parents and my teacher. I understood it a lot better, and I got A’s, so I was super happy.

Never be shy to ask your teacher or your parents, because it will have an impact on you later on.

4. Study with a pattern. If you learn something one day, study that topic on the same day. The next day if you learn something new, study the topic from the day before, and the one you just learned today. Keep that pattern going, and you’ll surely get an A, or an A+.

you will understand things a lot better once you study with a pattern. Also, you'll be learning double the amount everyday!

You should definitely follow my 4 tips because it's been working a lot for me. The most important thing about studying is not the amount of time that you study, but how efficiently you study. If you studied for 5 hours, but didn’t concentrate at all, that 5 hours of “studying” wasn't worth it. But if you study for at least an hour and you followed all my tips, you surely focused well and will ace this test. On tip 1, you can focus better without music with words because you wouldn't be able to sing along, which doesn't distract you from full time studying. if you listen to music with words you'll loose focus because you keep singing along. If you follow tip 2, you could ask your parents or your teachers about any problem you have with learning the right information. If you follow tip 3, you don't need to be scared of asking your teacher or your parents. If you always stay scared you always will, and you won't be able to get anything you didn't understand. And lastly, if you follow tip 4, you can use the pattern that is described. Study the subject that you learned on e same day you learned it, and the next day when you learn something new, study the subject from the yesterday, and the one you learned today, and keep that pattern going. Those are 4 simple tips to acing your next test.

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