What is in the Constitution

Article I

Section one is introducing the Senate and the House of REPRESENTATIVES. Section two is about the House of representatives.

Section 3 is about the Senate and how many there will be and the requirements to become a Senator.

Section 4 is more about Congress all together. When they meet and where.

Section 5 is about how the elections go and how the candidates will be chosen. Section 6 is a mix about taxes and if a federal person can have another job.

Section 7 is about making laws and how they will be passed.

Section 8 talks about taxes, how they are to be used.

This section is mcore about the import of slaves. What will happen with the imports. Section 10 is about what the states can and cannot do.

Article 2

Section 1 is about the president and the executive branch. Section 2 is about the army and the navy. And what the pres will do.
Section 3 is about when the state of the union will meet. Section 4 is about what will happen when someone is impeached and who will take over

Article 3

Article one is about the Supreme Court and their responsibilities.

Article two is about judicial power and how the cases will go.

Article 3 is about if treason is committed how it will be handled.


Freedom of speech,religion,press,and the right of the people.

This amendment says that everyone has a right to bear arms.

Amendment 3 pretty much says that a soldier can not stay in a home without the owners permission.

The 4th amendment says that no one can search your home with out a warrant.

In other words you don't have to give evidence to make your self look or seem guilty
The sixth says that that everyone can have a speedy trial and a right to a trial with a jury.

The right to a jury.

The punishment can not be too hard and the fine too high.

Everyone has the right on the Constitution they also have other rights like privacy.

All the states have rights
You cant sue other states

How the voting goes.

Cant own slaves or People who Dont want to work

A State cannot deprive any person of life, liberty, or property

No one can be denied the right to vote.

Congress can collect taxes

Senators will be chosen by the state.

This is the only amendment that has been repealed. It was the law of no alcohol.

Women earn the right to vote
Setting a time limit on a presidents term
The 18th amendment is repealEd

The amendment that said a president can only run two terms.

The num of electors will be the same as the other positions

After this amendment there was no tax on the polls.

This says that is a president was to die the vise president would take over.

You have to be 18 to vote

A congressmEns sAlary cannot be changeD.
To me the constitution means freedom. Without it a lot of things would not happen. We could have the same President forever. And I would be able to vote! Not that it would be horrible but you know. Also we would not be able to do a lot. Like women being able to vote. I am so grateful for the constitution.


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