Physical Wellness Creative practise blog #2

I love going to the beach. It can be hypnotic watching the tide rise and fall, and listening to the sounds of the ocean. It's very relaxing walking along the shoreline noticing the things that have washed up, or the little ocean-life trapped in the tidal pool. When this prompt was presented, it took me awhile to realize what I wanted to do for 'physical wellness'. For me going to the beach is the quintessential physical activity that helps to improve my wellness.
As a result I spent the morning at the beach, or more precisely at the White Rock Pier where I could walk around without thinking about my "To do list" that seems to be growing. The experience at the beach allows me to walk for several miles without having to think about everything waiting for me! I wanted to get up early and explore the beach before the crowd started to descend on this location.
The White Rock Pier and Beach is a beautiful location just a few minutes from my house. There's a live webcam you can check out:
Blank paper!
Beginning to sketch the pier...
Clouds in the distance...
"Low Tide At The Pier"

There's lots of research indicating the power from being in nature (Hart, 2016). A walk along the beach has been the most therapeutic for me, and the best aspect of my own personal physical wellness.

Reference: Hart, J. (2016). Prescribing Nature Therapy for Improved Mental Health. Alternative and Complementary Therapies. 22(4): 161-163.


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