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Santa Clarita... Loved by most of its residents, while maligned by outsiders who may or may not have visited..

Formed in 1987 out of the communities of Newhall, Saugus, Canyon Country and Valencia.

219,611 residents live in the City of Santa Clarita. The remaining residents live in the surrounding unincorporated areas. From 2015 to 2016, the population of the Santa Clarita Valley increased by an estimated 1.7 percent compared to 0.8 percent growth rate statewide.

What areas are growing fastest? Actually, all 4 of the 6 cities in the SCV are growing. Saugus is stretching northward while Valencia moves west, adding the Newhall Ranch project. Canyon Country is adding properties to its south east and Newhall is growing downtown. Stevenson Ranch and Castaic are not growing and this is forcing prices there to escalate.

The SCV in Pictures


We could have 300 photos here, and they still couldn't capture it all.

This month's Video Spotlight: Valencia

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A few helpful SCV geography tips:

The V ROUTE: From 126/5 Intersection along the 5 south to the 14 north to Sand Canyon Road: 18 Miles (shown below).

The Cross Valley Connector - From Golden Valley Road at Hwy 14 in Newhall to Hwy 126 in Valencia across town: Distance is 9.56 Miles.

Valencia Town Center to Ventura Beaches via Hwy 126: 46.1 Miles.

Return Trip to the SCV at Night: Approx. 2000 Miles. (Seems that way)

Santa Clarita is Big....

Just how big is the city of Santa Clarita, and how far is it from 'civilization' (according to all the alienated youth on Tumblr)? Population as of 2017 was:

The city is approximately 145 square miles in size. From point A to point B? That's where it gets interesting.....

Santa Clarita is basically shaped like a triangle, as seen in the picture below, with the top angle being about 13 miles across, then 10 miles down to the bottom (Newhall) and 11 miles back to the beginning.

The 3 sides add up to a 32 mile long perimeter of Santa Clarita

This 2nd picture below shows that same outline of Santa Clarita placed over the western San Fernando Valley. It would stretch from Topanga Canyon Blvd. all the way to Lakeview Terrace, and to Ventura Blvd.

Above: The same triangle over the San Fernando Valley (SFV).

Santa Clarita transposed over the Los Angeles basin. The city would stretch from the 101-405 intersection to the 2-134 interchange in Glendale, down below Olympic Blvd. in Culver City, and back to the 101-405.....

In Santa Clarita, it takes about 50 minutes to "drive the triangle". To drive the triangle pictured below, you'd be lucky to finish it in 90. Yeah, Santa Clarita!

Santa Clarita swallows up nearly all of San Francisco!

As well as San Diego. Santa Clarita is the 3rd largest city in L.A. County.

Fun Facts: If you drew a straight line south from Sand Canyon Road in Canyon Country, you'd see that line go right through the runways at LAX! LA itself sometimes defies geography. Did you know that LA is 72 miles further EAST than Reno, Nevada? Heading east, Santa Clarita lies about 10 miles south of Lake Havasu, continuing through the deserts and passes 65 miles south of Albuquerque. Yes, we are further south than Albuquerque. That's why it's so hot here most of the time. The straight line next splits the uprights of Amarillo and Lubbock Texas. Travelling absurdly East, you'd find Kabul, Afghanistan at the same latitude as the SCV.

Well... That's It. I hope you enjoyed your trip through Santa Clarita. If I know it this well, I'm sure I can help you with your real estate needs now, or in the future.



Created with images by JefferyTurner - (Haskell Canyon Open Space) Chris Gallatin, and others.

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