Music has a voice

Music is a great way to express our emotions, our loves, passions, our voice

Here is my favorite song expressing my musical voice, the challenges I face or maybe the music I really like I'm on a hunt to find your musical voice.

You may be into the gospel music, if this is your musical voice and you want more I suggest Mary Mary

Maybe your into indies rock if you like this song I suggest you try out Madness by ruelle I love her whole album I found her from the show shadowhunters!!!

Or maybe you just like smooth good music with a little pop if that's you then you might want to listen to this song

I'm sorry if I couldn't help with some of my personal favorites but I will be making another one of these of the songs but since I m in love with Marian Hill's songs that my fetish I'm gonna put on another video if you don't like deal or you could just leave

if you still need to find your musical voice tune in to my next glide show coming soon ;)

Created By
Gabrielle Williams


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