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Going beyond to serve our community

"We are different in local government. We're not selling shoes or building airplanes. While those are very important things, what we're doing is maintaining a fundamental public trust, by providing those essential services that make a difference in the lives of our residents every day. That is an awesome responsibility." -City Manager Erik Kvarsten

From big projects to small, in Gresham, we just get things done. We pride ourselves on inventive ideas, practical solutions, collaborative relationships, nimble approaches and equitable outcomes. We'd love to have you join our team. Many of our long-term employees start out in seasonal positions.

What you'll be doing as a seasonal employee

Positions are open in several different work areas, and duties vary widely. Here's a snapshot of what you can expect.

Parks: Inspect, repair and maintain parks, helping enhance recreational opportunities and preserve Gresham's natural beauty.

  • Landscape maintenance, mowing, fertilizing
  • Tree pruning and removal
  • Sports field maintenance
  • Irrigation system repair and maintenance
  • Janitorial work
  • Garbage and litter removal
  • Pressure washing

Stormwater Operations: Inspecting, cleaning, repairing, and maintaining pipes and natural rain gardens or other infrastructure to ensure pollutants don't enter our streams and waterways.

  • Cleaning catch basins, manholes, pipes and lines
  • Mowing roadsides
  • Sweeping streets/picking up leaves
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Maintaining ditches, equipment, vegetation
  • Applying pesticide or herbicide
  • Repairing pipes, manholes, etc.
  • Working with customers

Water Operations: Making sure drinking water is distributed above and below ground in a way that meets public safety regulations.

  • Excavation and repair of water mains, valves, meters, etc.
  • Maintaining and painting fire hydrants
  • Flagging traffic
  • Installing water meeters
  • Mowing, trimming, weeding of facilities
  • Pressure washing, painting, repairing fences, cleaning gutters at buildings
  • Installing and testing water meters
  • Customer service calls

Transportation: Ensuring roads and right-of-ways are safe and high quality.

  • Patching and paving roads/sidewalks
  • CDL drivers for hauling rocks/equipment/ashphalt
  • Mowing, trimming, weeding, spraying
  • Flagging traffic
  • Making and installing signs
  • Marking roads
  • Sweeping streets
  • Closing roads
  • Removing and repairing concrete on sidewalks, ADA ramps, etc.
  • Responding to spills

Wastewater: Maintaining nearly 300 miles of sewer collection lines and treating wastewater at the City's award-winning Wastewater Treatment Plant.

  • Cleaning sewers
  • Repairing pipes
  • Operating pipe inspections via computer

You'll enjoy working here if you...

  • Enjoy working outside, rain or shine, often on busy streets or areas.
  • Thrive when you're part of a highly-collaborative team.
  • Are willing to work hard at tasks that are physically demanding.

Pro tip: Here's some things we're looking for in our next seasonal employees:

  • Employees that value teamwork and working together to solve problems
  • Flexibility
  • Positive attitude
  • Excellent work ethic
  • Problem-solving, let's get it done approach
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