The Fourteenth Tuesday: We say goodbye BY Martin Alonso

On the Fourteenth tuesday with Morrie it was the last that he would be spending with Mitch. Mitch knew something was wrong with him because he took longer than usual to be ready, and for Mitch to come inside his room. Also his wife Charlotte was very upset because she knew he was acting very strange she knew he didn't have much time.

Morrie was also sleeping longer than usual it was 10 am and he was still asleep. Mitch had brought food for Morrie but he has been told that he can not eat anymore. He finally went upstairs and Mitch said,'.... When you're in bed, you're dead" began anew inside my head".

I feel that should really respect to the older people that have been there for you when they're sick because they won't be there forever so you need to appreciate the time that you have left for them. Mitch definitely did that with Morrie because he went there like every tuesday.

I think one of the symbols they showed is the plant and like it compares to Morrie because like plants die as time goes by and Morrie also died as well.

Created By
Martin Alonso

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