A Place Away A place for the understanding

Our Vision,

We live in a world full of corruption and rich idiots, but here all of that is forgotten. At A Place Away we find everything wrong with the world, fix it and put in our society. Not in the way of bad things but rather the economy fixed and ecosystem worried about, not thrown in the trash. Come join us and become the future of the world.

To join us is very simple, you will apply online or via mail. Then we will consider you and give you a test. If you pass that then you're in.


1.No organized religion

2.No lethal weapons, or cruel punishments

3.School is 4 days a week instead of five with Wednesday off

4.No pollution of any kinds, clean energy only.

5.Group of leaders not one representative

6.Respect everyone and everything

7.Freedom of speech, press, expressing yourself, and religion

8.All food is natural and organic

9.Free healthcare

10.Free housing

Location: New Zealand

Typical day for us

9am: Wake up


5pm:Out of work

12am: Sleep

Our government is a hybrid between socialist and democratic.

The human race is a greedy thing, that's why we are socialist, not in the sense that the hard workers won't be paid off and the lazy workers will get paid to sleep but in the sense that there is no upper class and lower class, everyone is more equal but they still can work for more than they have. Democratic because we want to vote in the members of the council, no have them be bred to be in there.

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