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Hey my name is Sarah Carney and i'm currently taking a photography class at Oxford High School. I have always appreciated photography and wanted to experience the process of using composition, editing, and other techniques to improve a photo. I am new to photography and hope to improve my work as I learn more.

Allison Scarpulla recreation (right)
street lights
I think my photographic process is growing because I take more time in setting up the photo as well as take multiples until I get one that I feel shows the mood or story I wanted to convey. Things I prefer to photograph are antiques, flowers, and other things depending on where I am. Things I feel I have improved on are is my composition and the effort I put into each photo. A goal I have is to explore different places to take more interesting photos.
The outcome of the print was faded and look distressed. I applied chemicals to the paper and put the negative and paper into the light box. I enjoyed engaging in the cyan type process because it felt authentic. I prefer the original though because I think the colors and clarity make the image more attractive. I think the print could be more successful if the binoculars were more clearly seen and the bottom left corner was more blue.
I think the hands on tintype process is more authentic because the process is how the photo is initially supposed to be made. The process also gives a more unique look because it will not give the exact outcome you may have expected. Although both processes are still great because editing the photo digitally lets you have more control over the pictures outcome and lets you experiment with different techniques without making a permanent decision.
Three Views
The photo on the left is my example of rule of third and the photo on the right is another example of rule of thirds. The example on the right uses the broken windows to show rule of thirds and in my photo the compass is used to show rule of thirds. The photos contrast because my photo is much brighter and does not have as much interest.


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