Epic Fail

As we approach our HUGE research paper, I have ~finally~ come to terms with the fact that it's okay to fail. To some this is no big deal, but for me I have never been easily able to accept failure. In high school I never made less than a B in a class, and even though I made a couple bad grades on tests, I was always able to fix it somehow. When I got to college, I knew it would be different, but I have had to pay for it. If I put something off, it takes a massive amount of effort to make up for it in time. Not only is this inefficient, but it takes a toll on my psychological stress.


Recently I learned something though. I was watching my dog, and in all his idiotic glory he fails all the time. It is always hilarious but I realized something; he never stopped. Jake will fall right on his face, but then get right back up and keeping going, full speed, tongue lolling, looking just as stupid as before :) But Jake has something right, how am I supposed to succeed if I wallow in self pity every time I fail? So, I decided I was going to look at life more like my dog. Don't get me wrong, I am busting my ass on this paper, but in the process I'm trying everything and seeing where it takes me. I'm learning from my mistakes and other's advice. By acting like my dumbass dog, I've learned to keep on keeping on. Persistence is like practice, it ends up with a better final product.

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