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So as you all may or may not Know I am a very Blessed and Iam enjoying this amazing journey that has made me the person I am today. I would not be her Without my Amazing support system of friends and family, and my 2 ROCKS my husband and MOM. I have had 2 DOUBLE lung transplants, one in 2009 and 2nd one in 2012, my 1st one I waited on the list for less that 24 hours, wow that was crazy. I lived in St. Louis for 3 months to rehab after. I took care of my sister to help her get to her transplant in 2010. She was my BFF, my side kick, my life. She rejected from the beginning, and she passed away October 2011. I started my rejection shorty after that and had a 2nd chance in march of 2012, waited less than 10 days for that one. All went well for a year then march of 2013, until a virus attacked my mitral value, so in and out of the hospital all year. July was my 1st open heart surgery to fix my valve, but didn't fix the problem ended up with a aneurysm on the backside of my heart the size of a egg, that got me a plane ride to STL hospital. November (4 months later) we decided to go back in for my 2nd open heart surgery to replace the mitral value, all was going well until right out of surgery, my body crashed and I ended up in the hospital for 15 weeks on a ventilator, and dialysis, in STL. Thanks to all the people who visited and took care of me thru this time. Middle of February I got to come back home to KC, didn't need anymore dialysis and was off the ventilator. Have held steady so far, we are watching my breathing levels monthly, I have good days and some not so good but I am so incredilbly blessed to have the life I have. I just became a gma January 1st 2017, he is the best, he is perfect, my daugter is a great momma. My son is getting married may 28th and we are so excited to have Marie joining team Gant, and watch them start their life together, have have them home next year (he a Marine stationed in Jacksonville, NC. I have a little weiner dog, Penelope she is so me lol. My mom is my BFF we spend a lot of time together, and my husband is also my BFF, he is my soul mate, we are both broken so that work lol.

Well since I got out of the public to work I decided to start My Mark Kay business in 2009. I have just been putting my toes in and need to jump in the box and go for it. I LOVE the product, i have try to use other lines but I always say ours is the best.

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