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ProJect Outline

I will form a group and collaborate all our ideas to create prototypes of what our monster could be like or what we want it to look like to create an anamatronic for our final product. The monster will need to contain 3 features that will be suited with the background story created. This process contains different stages including, discovery, ideation, prototyping, creation and reflection. We will create a design journal that includes all the processes of the prototyping and building stage.




"an animal or plant of abnormal form or structure"

My definition

A monster is a being that seems scary or frightening. The monster contains features that may frighten but could also could be nice. They also could have non-human like features e.g.


What Is anamatrOnic?

An anamatronic is a figure that is created to be used as a mechanised puppet. They can be programmed or controlled remotely

What are they used for?

Anamatronics are used to imitate features of living things and are used as props or add-ons instead of using real life creatures. They are made because, if they wanted an alien they would not be able to find them, yet. They are used in movies and real life scenarios. Anamatronics were used a lot before the discovery of animation and was creating cinematic history. Anamatronics were used in the movies, Jaws and E.T.

InQuiry questions

  • What makes a monster? A monster is a living thing that scares people
  • Will it have a weapon? Yes, a fork and knife.
  • What robot are we using? We are using the mind storm robotics sets.
  • How does it work? It will have an arm that moves up and down and can eat things.
  • Does it have arms? Yes
  • Does it have big feet? No
  • Will it eat things? Yes, anything
  • Does it have feelings? Yes, anger and sadness
  • Does it have legs? Yes, wheels
  • Will it have a noes? Yes
  • Does it have ears? Yes, small ones
  • Did it have an original owner? Yes, Lucy
  • Was the original owner nice? Yes
  • Was it's history with people good? Yes but it when wrong
  • Will it have powers? No
  • Why is it unique? Because it can eat anything
  • Does it's legs move? No
  • Will it have feet? Yes
  • Can it walk? Yes
  • Can it stand up? It can only stay standing
  • Can it climb? No
  • Does it's arms move? Yes
  • Does it have hands that pick up? Yes
  • Does it have claws? No
  • Does it have a head? Yes
  • Does it's head swivel around? No
  • Does it have eyes? Yes
  • What colour eyes does it have? Black and red
  • Could it have cameras in its eyes? Yes
  • Does it's eyes move? No
  • Why is it called the Muncher? Because it can eat anything
  • Does it have teeth that are sharp? Yes
  • Can it use its teeth to pick things up? Yes
  • Is it short? No
  • Is it tall? Yes
  • Is it skinny? Yes
  • Is it wide? No
  • Does shape matter? Yes, for the idea of making it scary and for its compatibility the shape will definitely affect this.
  • What shape would work the best for what we want our robot to do? Cylinder shape
  • Can we learn from it? Yes, we can learn characteristics and feelings
  • Why have we planned it? We have planned it this way so that it will fit our criteria
  • Will the robot have tracks? No
  • Will the robot have wheels? Yes
  • Will the robot be made of Lego? Yes
  • Will the robots be made of electronics? Parts of the robot will be made out of electronics
  • Will the robot have guns? No
  • What is its gender and why? The monster will not have a gender because it does not need one to have the qualities added
  • How old is the robot? The robot is not that old about 2-3 years because its owner bought him from the shop when the bear was only 2months old
  • What type of skin does it have? Parts of the skin is made of fluff and toilet paper role and paper machete and a bear head
  • Is it fluffy? Parts, yes
  • Is it hard? Parts, yes
  • Is it fuzzy? No
  • What do we use to make it? We will use lego and electronics to produce different parts and specific parts of the monster
  • Will it have a weapon? Yes
  • Will it have scissors for hands?No
  • Will it have a recording device?Yes
  • Will it be able to record audio?No
  • Will it be able to record visual?Yes
  • Will it have sensors?No
  • Will it use gears? Yes
  • Why was it friendly? Because it used to love its owner
  • Is it friendly? No
  • Is it unfriendly? Yes
  • What are its behaviour traits? It is not nice only if someone wants to have a tea party with it
  • What quality's do monsters have? monsters to some people are scary and that's what make people think it is a monster
  • Is it scary? Yes
  • Is it happy? No
  • Is it angry? Yes
  • Is it scared? No
  • Will it be made out of a teddy bear? Only the head of a teddy bear will be used
  • Does it hurt anyone? Yes, it kills people
  • Is it angry at anyone? The only person it is angry at is the person who killed his owner
  • Will it be evil? Yes
  • Will it help people? No
  • How much would it cost to build? It will not cost much money to build because most of the items used are provided to us
  • Will all the resources be available for us at school? No, not all of them
  • Is it something we can achieve? Anything is possible

ClasS work


We had to break down the chimera and think of what each of his body parts do or could do.

Our Monster

Name: The Muncher

Abilities: Eats anything

Design: tall and skinny,long arms, ripped bear on the top(his face),

Back Story: The Muncher used to love having tea parties with Lucy(his carer) until, one day she was in a car accident. She never came home, never had anymore tea parties with Lucy and became the Muncher. He could eat anything, once he ate Lucy's parents...


Our monster will have a lego exoskeleton will a very long neck. The monster will be created used lego beams, gears, and the motors that we have to make our monster the way we want it to be. The design of the monster will include a bear head for the face, a paper mâchéd body, arm that spin, eyes that blink and tyres that work. The head will include parts of broken wires sticking out of it, and it will be torn and burnt.

Case study: cOmparing mosters

Sully and Adolf Hitler

SULLY- differences

  • Unknown creature
  • Nice/kind
  • Looks scary
  • Claws
  • Big teeth
  • Horns
  • Happy
  • In a movie

AdOlf hitler-differences

  • Human
  • Killed people
  • Died
  • Used weapons to scare
  • Moustache
  • Changed the world
  • Disliked by many people
  • Real life


  • Have powers/special abilities
  • Both look scary
  • Have human like features
  • Cooperate with groups/work with others

Problem solving

As a group we faced many problems along the way of prototyping the monster. A problem that we faced when making our monster was that the arm that we made was too low to the ground so we had to raise the lego to make the arm off the ground for it to actually work/ spin. Another problem we faced was when the cords were too long and took up too much space. We tried to find some space for the cords to be stored instead of coming out of the monsters body.

DaIly refLections

Overall reflection

The group I worked with during brainstorming did not work very efficiently. We did think of some pretty good ideas for the monster and the qualities that it could have but overall I do not think that we worked to the best of our ability. There was only me and one other person that worked well together in our group and most of the time the others were of task. There are many more complications that we encounter while constructing our monster is that Blade through a lego tyre at our monster and ruined all our cord connections and some of our lego structure





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