The Government Blues By Feller & Hill

Here Come Feller & Hill Again

2014 | Country

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“I heard a rumor we are starting a war, i guess its really all the governments for. -- They needed something just to fill up the news, lord have mercy, got the government blues."


  • One of Feller & Hill’s greatest influences is The Boys From Indiana., a national touring act from Indiana working in the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana area, during the '70s and '80s.
  • The duo tours with a band: The Bluegrass Buckaroos.
  • Tom Feller & Chris Hill were a bluegrass duo out of Nashville Tennessee.


Luke Tatum

"Charity soup." I guess that's what soup kitchens were serving during the Great Depression? Sure makes me laugh, either way. On a more serious note: "I heard a rumor we are starting a war; I guess it's really all the government's for," is a hilariously direct lyric. Bluegrass is a beautiful thing, isn't it? Critical, poetic, fun, and catchy. A win-win-win-win!

Sherry Voluntary

Lord have mercy, don’t we all have the government blues! The only difference is where others excuse government as some sort of necessary virtue, that sometimes does evil, libertarians view government as the unnecessary evil that usurps individual power and rarely does good and that’s usually by accident. We gotta just keep plugging away at the ignorance.

Nicky P

It's frustrating to me how close people get to the root of the problem. This song illustrates my least favorite part of politics outside of liberty circles. Within the community even when people don't agree there is still a core principle at root being interpreted faithfully. As i listen to these lyrics the writer gets so close to the truth when he says starting wars is all the government's for, but it seems disingenuous because he spends the first third of the song asking the government to do things for him. I'm glad he sees what they are doing but he somehow glosses over the robbery and theft they'd need to answer any of his pleas. I suppose it's just frustrating that people unequipped to understand the core causes of problems get to go out and vote for some shiny dipshit that sells them on a bumper sticker because they're too busy living to be experts on economics and history and geopolitics. Meanwhile they pretend to know more than those of us who spend their beer-swilling bread and circus time becoming educated on these questions.

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Nicky P

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