2016 Windland Smith Rice Awards

winner | GRAND PRIZE

Polar Bear and Cubs

Wapusk National Park, Manitoba, Canada

By Daisy Gilardini

Nikon D4S; 800mm ƒ/5.6 lens; 1/800 sec at ƒ/13; ISO 1250; Gitzo tripod; Really Right Stuff ball head.


Leopardess and Cub

Timbavati Game Reserve, Mpumalanga, South Africa

By David Rosenzweig, at age 17

Canon 70D; 70-200mm ƒ/2.8L IS II USM lens at 180mm; 1/1000 at ƒ/2.8; ISO 100; hand-held.

Highly Honored | youth



By Matthew Polvorosa Kline

Canon 5D Mark III; 600mm ƒ/4L IS II USM lens; 1.4x III extender at 840mm; 1/1000 sec at ƒ/5.6; ISO 400; Really Right Stuff tripod; Wimberley head.

Highly Honored | polar passion

winner | BIRDS

Northern Rockhopper Penguin

By Denise Ippolito

Highly Honored | birds

winner | WILDLIFE

Barren-ground Caribou

By Dee Ann Pederson, Houston, Texas, USA

Nikon D7200; 80-400mm ƒ/4.5-5.6D ED lens at 112mm; 1/2000 sec at ƒ/5.6; ISO 1250; hand-held.

Highly Honored | wildlife

WINNER | AFRICAn wildlife

African Bush Elephant

Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

By Federico Veronesi, Nairobi, Kenya

Nikon D300; 200-400mm ƒ/4G IF-ED lens at 400mm; 1/250 sec at ƒ/4; ISO 200; custom car window mount; Manfrotto video head.

Highly Honored | african wildlife


Headlight Click Beetle

Bajos del Toro, Costa Rica

By Cristobal Serrano, Alicante, Spain

Canon 1D X; 24-70mm ƒ/2.8L II USM lens at 70mm; 30 secs at ƒ/5.6; ISO 1600; Speedlite flash; Really Right Stuff tripod and ball head; cable shutter release.

Highly Honored | small world


Humpback Whale

Roca Partida, Revillagigedo Islands, Mexico

By J. Gregory Sherman, Tucson, Arizona, USA

Canon 5D Mark III; 16-35mm ƒ/2.8L II USM lens at 33mm; 1/200 sec at ƒ/10; ISO 800; Sea&Sea UW housing; Zen dome port; Inon Z-240 Type 4 strobes (2).

Highly Honored | oceans


Bridalveil Fall

Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, California, USA

By Russ Bishop, Ventura, California, USA

Nikon D800E; 70-200mm ƒ/2.8G ED VR II lens at 90mm; 1/30 sec at ƒ/11; ISO 100; Gitzo tripod; Kirk B-1 ball head.

Highly Honored | landscapes

WINNER | video

"Moments in Africa"

By Karen Perry, Walnut Creek, California, USA

See Karen’s intimate glimpses of African wildlife starting at 8:00 in this year’s Windland Awards Video below:

Highly Honored | video

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