Constipation by : Alyssa Sanchez , Jade Chavarria , Christian Lopez , Ismael Batres

Constipation - is a condition which there is difficulty in emptying the bowels , usually associated with hardened feces

Constipation Affects Anyone at ANY AGE

Constipation is a normal thing for everyone , it's a condition of the digestive system where an individual's hard feces are difficult to expel

The slower the food moves through the digestive tract , the more water the colon will absorb from it , the feces becomes dry and hard
Constipation generally occurs because too much water is absorbed from food . Causes of constipation include physical inactivity , certain medications and aging .
Constipation generally occurs because too much waste

Constipation can be eased by changes in diet and lifestyle. Also by taking laxatives , fiber supplements , and stool softeners.

This is Amber Rose , and she is currently battling constipation .....

We chose to present on constipation because my little sister has been constipated for almost a year now and it is very difficult for her to do number 2.

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