Mental/Emotional Health: By: Jaden garcia

Emotions: The 3 basic emotional needs include the need to belong, the need to be loved, and the need to be worthwhile. Emotions are the feelings you experience everyday, and they affect everything you do.

How to deal with strong emotions and what to do: First, you must stop momentarily and take a deep breath. Then, admit that you are sad or angry or however you feel and focus on the words to express your feelings. This helps to calm you down and reflect on what you feel.

How to help others that are feeling down: Just a simple "hey, how are you?" Can actually cheer someone up if the are having a bad day or they're just feeling down.

Different types of stress & how to respond to them: There are 2 types of stress; Distress and Eustress. Distress is known as bad stress because it comes in the form as discomfort or sadness. Eustress can come in the form of excitement and happiness. Your body cannot tell the difference between these stresses and it triggers certain effects.

The effects of Stress: Your heart rate increases, your muscles tighten, senses sharpen, your body produces more glucose, and your nose and thrust can widen. Too much stress can be bad, although every once in a while these effects will happen and is is perfectly normal and healthy. To deal with stress or even prevent it, you can eat healthy, exercise daily, and just get enough sleep.

Bullying: Bullying is leaving someone out on purpose in order to make that specific person feel bad. It is constant and targeted at specific people.

What's not bullying:

Occasional, mean comments

People not liking your ideas

People not wanting to be your friend.

All of these examples are examples of what bullying is not. This is called being mean. The difference between being mean and bullying, is that being mean can only happen for a day and is usually not targeted at specific people.

The effects on the person being bullied, is that they can have suicidsl thoughts and even suffer from depression, and their grades can lower. The effects on tenbullyy is that they have a 60% higher chance to have a criminal record or become a criminal.

Suicidal thoughts are never good and they can degrade your self esteem, but just like there is a self esteem, there is self identity. Self identity is who you see yourself as a person. Self esteem is more personal and is how you feel about yourself.

Sometimes matters can become really bad and that person can feel as if they need to hurt themselves. Some warning signs of self harm are, that person not taking care of themselves, they think everyone is against them, and they give up their favorite things.

Sometimes things can get out of control, and you are not the best person to deal with the situations. It is best to get professional help or to tell that persons parents. From there on that person can get help and actually improve. Signs to get an adult can be "someone is CONSTANTLY sad or hopeless or they take extreme risks, or they have mood swings.

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