Teddy Rosevelt

Before becoming president

Teddy Roosevelt started out as the tovernor of New York, before becoming

Teddy was not exactly a man of staying in one place, he dropped out of Law School.

He was homeschooled most of his life by his father

In 1882, he published a book on the naval battles on the war of 1812. Showing his interest in the navy.

Roosevelt came into the national light afyer giving campaign speeches for William McKinley. Eventually, he became president of the board for the New York city police division

Being interested in the navy, he became the assistant secretary of the navy. After gaining some needed expirience, he resigned.

He joined the 'first US volunteer calvary regiment' called the rough riders. They fought a war in Cuba. After a charge up kettle hill, he was awarded the medal of honour.

He eventually became the governor of new york, and then becoming vice president for six months, before becoming the president of the united states.

Teddy Roosevelt was on Mt. Rushmore for a reason.

He was the youngest, and arguably most active president ever. Living more by principle than anything else. He was for the people, and he lived for his 'square deal'. Which involved corporate busting, conservation, and consumer protection.

Roosevelt heavily expanded our navy, allowing for us to use 'gunboat diplomacy'. Which involves using the threat of military diplomatically.

Roosevelt had many policies that are still used to this day. He shaped how we deal with things diplomatically, and gave us amazing things, like Yellowstone, and the grand canyon.

He also saved Yellowstone national park. One of the most visited and loved parks in the U.S, and a savior for wildlife.

After his second term was up, he was so popular that he probably could have ran for a third term. Instead, he got to handpick the next president, due to his oppinion being so popular. In 1909, William Howard Taft took office, leading Roosevelt to do other things.

He went on an african safari, working for a mueseum to collect samples. He was notorious for his killings, but his samples and findings provided valuable knowledge. He even created his own political party, the 'Bull Moose' party.

On Jan 6, 1919, he died of a coronary embolism. He was 60 years old.
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