March & April

School fair
My smashed car 😭. Michael was rear ended on the way home only 24 hours after getting the transmission fixed, after 6 months of it being unusable.
Pics taken by Shelby while they went fishing 🎣
Shelby having a pensive moment. She had two boys that liked her and she liked them both and had to choose. Teen life is tough.
Shelby's friend Abby got to take a friend to a Panic! Concert for a birthday present and chose Shel
Dad got the kids a basketball hoop
Shel has some guy friends that are teaching her how to skateboard and they are a little "mom shy" so pictures have to be sneaky 😂
Shel, her 6th grade teacher, Nate and Donnie at Hector's soccer game (they broke up but Shel still try's to be supportive)
Austin making weird faces
Daddy's girl
Shelby and Austin with her friend Billy playing games
Shelby hanging out on the wall of our backyard
Opening an early present on Easter
Having security cameras is fun and I have been collecting pics of Shelby's visitors lol
Shel and Mike hacking my snapchat
Austin is 8!!!
Shelby and her friends
Shel and Abby
Birthday boy
Please ignore the mess behind them, those are our yet unpacked stuff
Shelby's gift was playing his choice of game with him

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