OmniPOD Performance - Control - Aesthetics

The creative freedom offered by LED has been fully embraced in the unique design of the OmniPOD Linear.

Designed, tested and manufactured in Australia, the OmniPOD Linear provides excellent optical performance and energy efficiency.

Suitable as an individual luminaire or run end-to-end to create a continuous linear feel.

Available in 300 or 150 millimeter widths, with white or black optical pods. 300mm versions are available with either white or black bodies.

Easy to install and an attractive option at only 38mm thickness, the OmniPOD Linear is especially suitable where limited ceiling depth is a concern.

Offers the freedom of human-centric lighting and advanced wireless lighting control with Organic Response.

OmniPOD downlight

Introducing the latest addition to the OmniPOD family.

The OmniPOD Downlight can be used on its own or, for those looking to retain the same aesthetic and functionality across their projects, as a supporting luminaire to the OmniPOD Linear.

Suggested application areas include:

  • Front of house (reception etc.)
  • Breakout spaces
  • Transition areas (corridors etc.)

The downlight sub-range shares the same visual and functional design details with the OmniPOD Linear, expanding the family to create a complete indoor lighting solution.

Available with black or white pods/body

OmniPOD Downlight - Fixed CCT

OmniPOD Downlight - DUO1

Technical Overview

*below relates to the 300mm and 150mm versions. For information on the OmniPOD Downlight please refer to their respective datasheets.

  • CRI90+ as standard.
  • COI compliant.
  • Designed for human centric lighting compliance.
  • Optimised wide beam distribution due to its innovative optical pod design.
  • Diffuse aperture provides a pleasant transition between ceiling and light source.
  • The combination of high efficacy and an optimised beam distribution result in a luminaire that not only meets but exceeds BCA 2019/J6 requirements.
  • High initial and maintained colour consistency.
  • Excellent lifetime figures; TM21 L70 greater than >72,000hrs
  • Suitable for both WELL v.1 & v.2 certification pathways and Greenstar.
  • Customisable length and outputs.
  • Air handling available.
  • Available with Tuneable White (DUO1 & DUO2) or Organic Response.

Creative Freedom

Linear version available in 300 and 150 mm widths. Downlight version now also available. All versions available with either white or black optical pods.

White Pods offers the highest efficacy and vertical illuminance levels within the open office environment.

Black Pods

Besides the striking aesthetics, the black pod option hides the primary light from direct view whilst still providing excellent beam distribution and lowest possible UGR for task lighting.

Low contrast on the ceiling is achieved thanks to the secondary diffused component.

Creative Control

With advances in LED technology, our lighting systems now provide colour performance and flexibility unseen in traditional light sources.

Thanks to its unique design the central pods provide excellent task lighting, whilst the perimeter component reduces contrast with the ceiling.

OmniPOD Linear Tuneable White DUO1

This version allows the central pods and the diffuse perimeter component to be tuned in sync via DALI or wireless control.

OmniPOD Linear Tuneable White DUO2

Pushing the boundaries of luminaire design, with DUO2 the central pods and diffuse perimeter component can be independently tuneable. Further personalisation of both the central pods and the diffuse perimeter components possible via DALI or wireless control.

Organic Response

By selecting OmniPOD Linear with Organic Response’s integrated SN3 sensor node your built environment gains the benefits of an intelligent and elegant lighting control solution, without the higher costs associated with legacy-cabled lighting control systems.

With the simple addition of Organic Response gateways building owners and tenants can capture data to better understand their building occupancy trends, energy needs and dynamically improve space utilisation.

In addition to this the Organic Response Portal provides visual information as to how space is used in real time via heat mapping, light sensing and power consumption monitoring.

Native handset integration, asset tracking, Bluetooth Beacons and other applications are only the tip of the future possibilities that the SN3’s mesh communications backbone could provide in the future.

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