From the Headmaster:

Somewhat of a conundrum for this edition. Which of the several hundred images should be placed as the main image? Which image captures the emotion and energy of the week. The fun, laughter, resilience, perseverance, conquering of fear, creativity and sheer brilliance of the week.

So much to cram into five days, so many wonderful memories stored away and to be told well into old age.

Without exception, the children tackled all of their activities with gusto and positivity, with intelligence and curiosity; whether it was their first time away from home or fifth, first triathlon or third, or simply the first time they experienced the wonderful adventure that is coasteering.

Such fantastic experiences cannot be provided without the time and energy from staff. We all enjoy such adventures as much as the children but not all schools are able to call upon such a number of willing and enthusiastic volunteers.

I would very much like to thank Mr Papps, Miss Adamidou, Mrs Bond, Mr Stevenson, Miss Renfrew and Miss Finch for so kindly giving their time and energy to provide the children with such a fabulous week.

It must not go unsaid that whilst these colleagues gave their time for the various trips this week, those ‘left behind’ also make a not insignificant contribution. Duties need covering, the 8am gate needs covering, the ‘normal’ busy day becomes just that little bit busier. So, to those left behind thank you also for your energy whilst such opportunities are provided for the children.


So, the Year 5 and Year 4 children departed on Monday morning for three nights of adventure and were Jones by our Year 3 children on the Wednesday for their two nights of Lulworth.

Our ever expanding number of triathletes then departed on Thursday for the ISA Schools National Triathlon at Lucton School in Hereford. For all but three, this was their first triathlon.

Imagine at the age of 9 being able to say that you are a triathlete?

Neighbours and your help!

If I may ask for your help with a small number of things I would be most grateful.

We do enjoy good relationships with our neighbours but a significant frustration expressed to us is the parking in the neighbouring driveways and across exit points. Please help us by not parking either in the drive of Dean Court or in the parking spaces of Belvedere Court directly opposite the school.

We have addressed various elements of our after school provision to make collection as straight forward as possible but would be grateful if you might note the following -

Collection of children attending after school activities should be from the side gate at 5pm

Collection of nursery (full time) children should be from the main entrance

Serving the evening meal is quite an involved process, as I am sure you can appreciate! In order to provide a detailed 'hand over' about the day and adventures enjoyed as well as supervising the evening meal, we would be most grateful if you could avoid collection 5pm-5.10pm, if at all possible!


Finally, and I know it is one of the many things that you already know, but please don't feel that I only stand at the gate to 'simply' welcome you and your children into school each day.

I am also there to speak with.

It may be the weather, the weekend rugby score or even to double check dates or events with, but I also hope that you feel able to speak with me about any aspect of school life.

We, as a staff, are simply here to give our children the best.

If you are unsure about anything please speak with me; it will only ever be taken in the spirit of making Park Hill even better.

Do take your time and scroll through the many images in this edition of the Deerstalker. Share them with your children as I know of a certain Year 2 class who are rather keen that the next twelve months go by as quickly as possible!

No rest for the wicked, or perhaps it should be altered to the blessed? Much to look forward to this coming week. Art Exhibition next Friday, ILG Athletics next Friday afternoon, Tate Modern Trip, swimming starts for Reception children and clubs to start.

Do join us next Friday for the opening of the Art Exhibition, it will be (and at the risk of sounding like a certain US President) the biggest and best yet!

Yours sincerely,



I am hoping that those of you who have already had the need to contact AlleyCatz have been very happy with the service received.

I am delighted to confirm that after a long search girls in Year 3 and above, will have a new pink and white summer blouse available to them. I am aware has been long awaited after we consulted with the school council over one year ago. AlleyCatz expect to have the new stock in for the start of the summer term.

Naming Uniform

We do our very best to return lost property but we do come up against the challenge of nameless items. We would be grateful if you could please ensure that every piece of clothing (including shoes) are clearly labelled, ideally with a sewn in name tag. If possible, please ensure these labels are attached in the neckline of tops/ coats and in the back waistband of bottoms to help with easy identification.

Collection Arrangements - Safeguarding

We would be most grateful if any messages regarding collection are passed at the gate with Mrs Watts or Mrs Blower, emailed or called through to the office and not left with the teacher.

Similarly, we would also be grateful if any last minute changes to collection (from 2.30pm) are called through to the School Office and not emailed to ensure the message has been received.

Year 5 and Year 4 Lulworth Cove Trip

A truly fantastic four days. A yomp, coasteering, art, a second yomp, birding, fossil hunting, coastal erosion, stock trading, dodging balls too name but a few activities from the four days.

Year 3 Lulworth Cove Trip

First ‘proper’ residential trip and our Year 3 children showed exactly the same spirit and curiosity as their older peers. A fossil hunt, archery, bushcraft including building a camp fire to cook some venison, a yomp, and a tank build. All in three days!

ISA Schools National Triathlon

Such a fabulous event. Such an experience and such effort and determination shown by every single member of the team to get into the team, let alone finish the swim, bike and run.

We have interest in times nor finishing positions. What made the day for me was the genuine team ethic and delight for one another as each triathlete crossed the finishing line. Bravo, chapeau and congratulations to each of our eight triathletes. A truly exceptional achievement, one that each one of our children must look back at with chest bursting pride.

I must thank the efforts of our hardworking and determined Miss Adamidou. The strength of swimming has improved immeasurably as has the overall conditioning. Thank you for working so hard since you joined Park Hill and for providing children with such opportunities.

Social Media

There are also some wonderful images from our Little Adventurers available through their own instagram page -

Notices and Reminders

Tuesday 6th May - 11+ Coffee Morning (8.30am)

Tuesday 6th May - After School Teacher Led Clubs start

Wednesday 8th May - Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 to the Tate Modern

Wednesday 8th May - Reception’s first swimming lesson

Friday 10th May - Art Exhibition (9.15 - 10.30am)

ILG Athletics - Friday 10th May 1pm-3.30pm Sir Mo Farah Athletics Track

Friday 10th May - Swimming cancelled

Curriculum Meetings

The following dates are for those of you who would like to understand more about the curriculum content and expectations for the class your children are entering into for the coming academic year.

Second Steps: Wednesday 12th June 8.30 - 9.15am

Reception: Monday 10th June 8.30 - 9.15am

Year 1: Tuesday 21st May 8.30 - 9.15am

Year 2: Friday 24th May 8.30 - 9.15am

Year 3: Monday 3rd June 8.30 - 9.15am

Year 4: Tuesday 4th June 8.30 - 9.15am

Year 5: Year 4: Tuesday 4th June 8.30 - 9.15am

Year 6: Year 4: Tuesday 4th June 8.30 - 9.15am

News from Year 5 and Year 4

A spectacular week of sun, sea, stones, sweeping landscapes and sheep.

On Monday, after completing the jigsaw of car and minibus packing, Year 4 and 5 pupils and teachers were in Transit down to Lulworth Cove. After our soirée at Rownhams services to meet up with St Nicholas Prep school, we navigated and meandered our way through the verdant landscape of Dorset. A guard of honour from Tanks welcomed us to the sheep and cow laden hills that stood before the Atlantic Coast, ultimately that led us to the idyllic setting of Lulworth Cove.

As pupils settled into the Youth Hostel (YHA) choosing their rooms and “discussing” who will be top bunk, Mr Bond was preparing for our first of many tasks that lay ahead of us.

Our first walk along the coast would be an ideal establishing shot for any movie. A tough walk up a stony path, before the stunning views of Durdle Door opened up as a reward for all our efforts. As we continued on our coastal hike we encountered stacks interesting things such as: The Cow, The Calf, The Blind Cow and The Bull. We nearly went as far as the the Middle Bottom, but on our journey over fingerprint contours and a Scratchy Bottom, we found our way back along the South West Coast path back to our base for a Hostel reception of meatballs (and vegetarian balls) and jacket potatoes.

Evenings over the past week at the Hostel have been etched on my mind. The food was fantastic and pupils could re-energise every evening. Though, I am still upset that I missed out on the chocolate fudge cake.

On the playground, Dodgeball in it’s various guises and Ultimate Tag organised by Miss Adamidou set the competitive edge (for teachers) and stress relief for many.

The Stock Exchange, a game devised by Mr and Mrs Bond, set pulses racing as pupils competed for stocks and shares in various companies devised by teachers selling devices for: handwriting; mind-control; hair colouring; nail colouring; the perfect football boot and my personal favourite the ‘Pun’ machine. I think there was another product but most forgot about it (Amnesia Biscuit). Pupils competed fiercely in a volatile market as prices increased and fell, and the eventual winners converted their £50 into a £200+ profit. The local wildlife listened intently to activities with a passing Gekko commenting that “Greed is Good!”.

As the lights went out, pupils settled with ease despite the excitement, and rose at a convenient time for their hearty cooked breakfasts and cereals.

After our long hike along the coast on Monday, we had seen the beaches from afar, and were left to explore it in detail over the next few days. Tuesday’s coasteering was an adrenaline rush for all. A few nervous pupils gingerly put on their wet suits, others excitedly, and we made our way to the rocks. After a few plunges in to the sea we took to the challenge of navigating the rocks whilst the salty Atlantic sea lapped the rocks. It was exhilarating to see yr 4 and 5 pupils leap of the rocks in to the sea. Steve and Nige made them feel safe and secure, as they pushed themselves onwards along the coast, venturing further with resilience and perseverance as they clung like limpets and dived like a local cormorant.

Before and after coasteering we observed the local environment using inspiration from artist’s Richard Long, Andy Goldsworthy and James Brunt. Drawings and rock formations followed as we used inspiration of the geology and shapes formed along the Lulworth Cove coastline. Although the intention was to create art, it was enjoyable to sit by the sea to play and explore the pebble beach whilst observing nature. A relaxing activity to contrast the rush and excitement of the previous activity.

The biggest adreneline rush of the day though would most definitely be the ice cream which was our last activity on Tuesday. As a note for all parents: be warned at the variety on offer, though the gin and tonic flavour (no alcohol) sorbet was a hit.

Wednesday morning we drove off to Arne for a spot of bird watching and enjoyment of nature. The estuary invited us to views across Poole Harbour to Brownsea Island with mudflats and salt marshes on view along with a range of wildlife including a Curlew and Egret. A slight bit of rain didn’t dampen our spirits as we headed back to the Hostel to welcome the Year 3 class arrival. This brought out the sun and lifted us as we set of for more geology fun in the afternoon at Ringstead beach where million year old fossils where skimmed or flung high in to the air and in to the ocean.

There was hole-some fun as we challenged ourselves to find the holiest stone, as in the stone with most impressive hole. On the whole, it was easy to find a stone with a hole, or with a stone inside, but despite pupil’s best efforts, Mrs Bond was the winner.

Thursday concluded our trip. Early in the hours of morning the Triathletes shuffled silently into the minibus setting off for Hereford, whilst those remaining stayed for a morning of archery and bushcraft. Firing arrows at a target should have been the highlight, but most of us were distracted by the squawking Peacocks that laughed at anyone’s failure to hit the target, whilst opening up their plumage to distract us, or to show off their multiple blue targets.

Our wonderful week finished with a drive back up the A31 to the M3 and into Kingston. Probably, the quietest they’ve been. Many pupils were pleased to see parents, but also sad to leave such a wonderful week behind them. Certainly a highlight in my teaching career, and one we all look forward to again.

More travels this week as we head to the Tate Modern.

A fantastic week Year 4 and 5, and thank you for fun and adventurous spirit.

News from Year 3

Wow, what a week. It started with watching the excitement build when Yrs 4 and Year 5 headed off to Lulworth to our own departure.

For many it was the first time they have been away from family and they all coped admirably. Facing physical, social and emotional challenges away from family support and coming away with fabulous memories is quite an achievement!

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed fossil hunting, to walking the coastal path from Lulworth to Durdle Door, archery, bushcraft, playground games, talent show, the all famous Stock Exchange game to home made ice-cream at Lulworth Cove. On our return we stopped at The Tank Museum and took part in a number of activities from making a 1/4 size tank to working out how a tank managed to float across the channel during the war. Walking through the trenches was a real eye opener to how our soldiers lived during the war and what sacrifices they made for our freedom today. Barney commented, that he now understood why Remembrance Day was so important. An excellent week, Year 3. We are very proud of all your achievements.

News from Year 2

What a difference one week makes! Year 2 had the opportunity during the latter end of the week at being the oldest in school and they certainly rose to the occasion. They were excellent role models to the younger ones left in school.

As always, Year 2 were incredibly busy with learning across the curriculum and creating masterpieces of art.

Our week started off with an introduction to Legends and what they are. We then delved deeper and had a look at Robin Hood. It was lovely to see the children re-enacting this story out in the playground and taking on different characters. Our Robin Hood Wanted posters will be ready for display early in the week so come and have a look.

In maths, we have left multiplication, division and arrays behind from the previous week and focused on place value. Our understanding of place value impacts on all areas of number work and is so important. Year 2 had a variety of tasks which included: comparing and ordering numbers which were represented in a variety of ways, giving reasons as to why answers were correct and solving a series of problems.

Well our aprons/shirts have been well used this week. On Thursday we finally finished our Marta Marcé inspired art using acrylic paint, lots of tape and a steady hand. These masterpieces will soon be on display in our art exhibition. Amongst the many other things we completed this week was observational drawings in science for our new topic plants. The children used their photographic skills to capture the perfect shot of part of a plant and afterwards we had a go at some sketching and shading. One of my favourite art/maths pieces this week was using a Tangram to make different animals/objects and shapes. Again these will be displayed in the classroom by the end of the of the week.

News from Year 1

What a wonderful creative week Year 1 have had.

First we began a new topic in literacy after practicing our dictionary skills we move to the Isle of Struay where the dynamic female character Katie Morag lives!

We began with an investigation into author illustrator Mairi Hedderwick and then moved onto character descriptions using two adjectives to improve the noun.

In maths we continue to develop our knowledge and understanding of multiplication and arrays as well as how to write numbers as figures and words. Year 1 have been exploring 1, 2 and 3 digit numbers!

In art we have been inspired by Japanese artist Hokusai. We spent time looking at ‘The Great Wave’. We created our own contrasting colour images of this iconic image using watercolours as well as capturing the essence of water on our canvases!

At Woodland school we continued to explore texture taking photographs using the iPads and subsequently changing the exposure, light and colour.

We hope you enjoy looking at all our work at the art exhibition next week. There may also be a few sculptural surprises ...

News from Reception

Welcome back to the last and final term of reception! “Time really does go fast when you’re having fun” Chloe exclaims. I most definitely agree. We have had a delightful week, a very arty one indeed. From learning about Jackson Pollock and Alfred Wallis, paint flicking and splashing to sand sprinkling and throwing have been the highlight! The teachers even got involved, brightly decorating our outside area. We then followed with some clay sculpting and manipulation. Toad stalls, mushroom houses, fairy gardens, castles, houses and the Taj Mahal were created. We look forward to when they are exhibited so you can have the pleasure of seeing them. Well done.

News from Second Steps

This week has been another fun packed week, filled with many activities and exciting experiences. The children have thoroughly enjoyed their learning throughout the week. We asked the children what they enjoyed the most about their week.

“I loved trying ‘Hook a Duck’ it was great fun.”- Jack

“I have enjoyed playing on the scooters and pretending it was a sail ship.”- Kit

“I have enjoyed playing with my friends.”- Rameez

This Term our Topic is “ Under the Sea”, well done for all those for bringing in their sea creatures homework. The children had a great time during Show and Tell, explaining what their sea creature was and how they made it. Second Steps have been learning different types of creatures that live in the sea and for Art and Craft, they enjoyed creating some very funny octopus.

“I put many eyes on my octopus ”- Kassius

“ I put dots on each tentacle .”- Lizzy

Throughout the week the children have been exploring the Sea Life trays, using their sense to investigate the items in the trays. They have enjoyed listening to classical music with a Sea Life background.

“ I think that sea animal is called a Blue Whale

“ Oh look! That is a Seahorse, it’s so tiny.” -James

For maths we have been working on simple additions usingthe numicons as well as sand gloves. The children read the sum, got the correct numicon and then had to find out the total. Some children were able to write the answer next to the equal sign without any help. They have also been practicing recognising numeracy and quantity 0-20.

The children have enjoyed playing with the pirate ships and creating their own narrative stories. It was lovely to see how they were able to contribute ideas, carry them out as well as come up with ways on how to solve a problem. Well done Second Steps for all your hard work this week!

News from First Steps

The First Steps children had have so much fun during their time in the school. They improved their fine motor skills tearing papers in the messy tray and some of the children really really enjoyed it and we brought more and more paper.

We visited our mud kitchen for our Woodland School and made our very own mud mixing soil and water with our hands, sticks and big spoons. Then of course the mud became mud cakes.

The children have played in our garden a lot this week. Water play has been the most popular, with the children pouring water into different sized containers, comparing the weight of the different containers, water down the drainpipe, making more mud to splash in which was even more fun.

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