Welcome to your Oily Lifestyle getting started with your doterra oils

There are two ways to get these oils, you can click here and buy the oils and products at full price…..

OR…… you can get your own wholesale account to get 25% off all things doTERRA, I love having a chat to people before online, this takes about half an hour, we go through your health concerns and goals, and make sure we get you started on this amazing journey with the best oils for you. It is better to have a quick chat or you could message me and I can send you a video with my advice. If you would like to join without the consultation have a little look further down for a short video under 3 minutes and then you can click here and follow these instructions…..

Click Join & Save, you will get to the screen below, you will be joining as a customer so go down to the bottom of the screen and click Join doTERRA.

Choose Join doTERRA

Choose Wholesale Customer, this is always the best option. If you would ever like to do what I do, or start to share the oils with others, you can upgrade at any time for free. It is best to enjoy the products for yourself and start to look after you health at a deeper level before you share with others if that is what you would like to do in the future.

Always choose Wholesale Customer, most of doTERRA users are customers and it is free to upgrade to Wellness Advocate at any time.

Fill in your personal details (UK scroll down to DUBLIN for time zone) and choose either a starter kit or the £24 (£4.80 p&p) option and you can add products at the payment stage. PLEASE NOTE that it is best to speak to me first to see what option is best for you to start you off. With the starter kits, you don't need to pay the £24 as a perk! Here is a link to the starter kits, where you don't pay the account opening fee and the kits are discounted as a bundle. Here is a very short description of what you get when you get your oils through me as a wholesale customer.

Please note that the enroller ID should be filled in but if it isn’t please put 3847969, this ensures that I will be your oily guide to teach you to weave the oils into your life.

I will then send you some welcome emails, and plug you into my active, vibrant and very friendly facebook community, or an email series of further education. There are units to work through if you like learning, and I link you into resources to make you, your own essential oil expert. Your oils will take a few days to be delivered directly to you and then your new essential oil life can begin! Ensuring this ID is in will mean that you have me to look after you and her with learning how to use them safely and effectively.

As part of your doTERRA Wholesale Account, you get a free personal wellness consultation with me. This will help you know how to use the oils safely, includes an overview of how to order and how to make the most of your wholesale account. Please let me know days and times when you are free to do this, we can do this in person or via a zoom meeting online. This is best done within 7 days of opening your account.

Here is the link to the doTERRA live guide, giving you some ideas of how to use the oils. I will also go though and give you a physical copy of this either in your welcome gift pack, or when we have the wellness consultation. Have a think about physical and emotional issues you would like to work on, and prioritise them, so I can teach you how to start to manage these when we meet.

LRP...You will see this a lot! It is an optional way of shopping, if you make regular orders, you can get points to redeem against goods. If you opt in you can opt out. I will teach you more about this when we speak.

dōTERRA will have sent you an email with your Member ID number and password, as well as your order confirmation and receipt, if you haven’t received that, let me know.

To log in go to https://doterra.myvoffice.com , enter your Wellness ID and Password.


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