Best Buy Elyse Devries, Christopher ragan, Isaac SHubert, James Tompkins

Proposed Change

Implement a discount on Geek Squad services to Best Buy's current membership program

Current Rewards Program

Three basic levels of membership

  • My Best Buy
  • Best Buy Elite
  • Best Buy Elite Plus

Exact implementation...

10%, 20%, 30%


SWOT Analysis


  • Geek Squad owning majority market share for electronic repair
  • 5.93 inventory turnover


  • Loss of sales of $1 billion over the past two years
  • $52 million cash decrease


  • Decrease in long-term liabilities
  • stable sales drop of $1.5 billion from 2015 to 2017


  • Apple having 39.1% of the market share of the computer store industry
  • Total asset turnover of 2.84 compared to the industry average of 3.4

Kotter Change Movement Urgency

  1. Urgency: Improve customer traffic
  2. Guiding Coalition: Marketing team
  3. Strategic Vision: Improve Geek Squad's revenue stream
  4. Volunteer Army: Best Buy Employees
  5. Action to Remove Barriers: Pushing memberships to counteract initial loss from discount
  6. Short-term lens: Loss of profit
  7. Sustain acceleration: Pushing for membership through Geek Squad rewards
  8. Institute Change: Best Buy marketing management

Implementing this discount would increase Best Buy-customer relationship and would be able to increase profit without the cost of corporate restructuring.

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