The Harn Museum By: Reonshaye Hayes

Islandia, Goddess of the Healing Waters by Audrey Flack

This piece of work of a powerful goddess made me feel inspired, inspired to look beyond my means and try scoping something different than the normal. She's powerful, and aims to restore the balance of power between men and women. This piece is expressionism. It reflects the artist point of view by the name of the piece. The artist is making a statement about social morals and values. I believe she is saying that their is love and power. This class has changed the way I perceive art because now I look at art as something more fulfilling and I pay close attention to details.

Canaletto by Giovanni Antonio Canal

This artist is making a statement about his hometown in Venice. He loves to draw paintings of his hometown. Maybe the artist is trying to express his emotions about his home. Maybe he misses his home and the town he lived in. This piece is expressionism because he express in the picture of his home town . This work made me appreciate home a little more because home is where the heart is.

Tokyo street by Yvonne Jacquette

This piece was by far one of my most favorite! its a really beautiful big piece. This piece makes me feel like I have visited Tokyo street even though I haven't been to Tokyo ever before in my life. I do not feel like this artist is making a statement. Instead, I feel that she is expressing her emotions on maybe missing her hometown which might have been Tokyo, or maybe she went to visit Tokyo street and was just amazed and inspired to paint it. This piece really made me feel as though I was there!

Female and male royal ancestor mask by Kuba people

This piece was my second favorite! I love learning about different cultures especially people that look like me. This piece made me feel as though I was in Africa with those mask on dancing with the African people having a good time. This piece is definitely expressionism! it expresses a lot of emotions maybe both good and bad. Having on those mask bring about joy in the African homes I'm sure. It's almost like a disguise so you can be who you want to be without any judgment.

Zandvoort by Frank Stella

This piece by Frank was very interesting. The vibrate colors and tail like figure makes me think of a rainbow dinosaur. This piece was humongous! At first, I didn't quit understand what Frank was trying to say or express about this piece, but as a stood for a view moments and read, I realized that this piece actually meant something. The piece reminded him of the Netherlands and the bright colors suggested an adrenaline rush of a racing experience, and because of this class, I have took the time out to pay more attention to details rather then assume what I think to be obvious.

Created By
Reonshaye Hayes

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